Call of Duty Vita is Still Coming; Activision's Dan Amrich Confirms

Kyle from Vivid Gamer writes:

An installment in the mega-popular shooter franchise Call of Duty was announced for PlayStation Vita in 2011, but word on the game’s development and release has been frustratingly hard to come by in the months since. Call of Duty fans and Vita owners can now rest assured that the game is not just a pipe dream left by the wayside. Earlier today, Activision Social Media Manager Dan Amrich confirmed via Twitter that Call of Duty Vita is still in development.

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core_52392d ago

this is known since month

Akuma-2392d ago

Call of duty on vita will be amazing imo.

Cryptcuzz2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

@above: Maybe it's because the Vita is a pretty capable system in terms of it's hardware. It also has dual analog sticks, which is needed for a good FPS game, if the system does not have mouse support. It's also possible that he likes previous CoD games, and knows the one on the Vita will be just as good as their console counterparts.

aviator1892392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

I'm definitely not trying to throw any hate towards a CoD vita title. I'm simply stating that, even with excellent hardware, great controls, and the high success of the said franchise with the backing of a well-known developer or publisher, there is never a guarantee that the game itself will be "amazing," though I do express certain optimism for this particular title.

Edit: I honestly don't know why I'm getting so many disagrees for my comments here. Oh, well. :/

-Alpha2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Considering the hatred COD gets, it's surprising to suddenly see people think a VITA version will be so great.

I don't see Activision making a wholly original VITA COD game, I do hope I'm wrong but I fear that they will make a standard Black Ops 2 port with cross play at best.

VITA really needs a heavy hitter third party title like COD real bad for sales, but whether or not Activision takes the burden seriously or whether they see it as a cash-in opportunity remains to be seen.

Jihaad_cpt2392d ago

@Alpha a lot of people may hate it but if you show me 1 person that hates it I can find 2 that like it. I do not like FPS personally.

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dwightmccarthy2392d ago

interesting. hopefully its better than the last one

Siren302392d ago

A cod 4 remake that fixes all of its problems without adding or taking away its gameplay would get me to buy a vita

paybackprahl2392d ago

I totally agree with you there. CoD4:MW was the pinnacle of fast-paced shooter action with next-gen spectacle and a competent plot. Thoroughly enjoyable, until its sequels ran the formula into the ground.

Ascalon942392d ago

this. I would buy it day 1 with a vita. That game is the best in the series and I spent hundreds of hours playing it online with my friends.

TheFallenAngel2392d ago

Black ops 2 with zombies please! I only want to play zombie mode.

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