Top 5 Worst Types of Achievements

Achievements (or “Trophies” for our PS3 brethren) were a revolutionizing concept that changed gameplay since their introduction. While most achievements reward a player for completing a particular challenge or overcoming an obstacle, some achievements are more annoying or lazy then they’re worth. This is a list of some of the worst achievements in modern games. There is no joy in unlocking these types of achievements, and in many cases they can even damage the enjoyability of the game their found in. Developers need to stop including these horrible and lazy “challenges” in their games.

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Dark_Overlord2358d ago

IMO the online trophies are the worst e.g

Kill 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000 people online (ok, an over exaggeration lol)

Notable offenders - Resistance 2, Battlefield Bad Company

Reach rank XX

Notable offenders - Battlefield, Crysis

I just don't like playing competitive MP, Co-op hell yes (Currently playing Payday a hell of a lot), but these trophies usually result in a boring grindfest. Now I know some people enjoy doing these, but personally I don't.

kreate2358d ago

So u got every resistance 2 trophies except the kill 10k ppl?

BiggCMan2358d ago

Above, yes, I did myself. I just couldn't bring myself to do that trophy, it was insanely tedious. Also earn 1 million XP was practically just the same, albeit, could have been done a tad bit quicker. I would have loved to have that platinum, but those 2 trophies butchered it!!

Dark_Overlord2358d ago

No, I did get it :D

Its just after that and Far Cry 2 I just gave up on games with stupid online trophies

jessupj2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Actually, I think the multiplayer trophies that require you to win X times in a row are the worst, retarded bullsh*t ever. As well as trophies that require you to do 20,000 different tasks in the small space of a 5 minute match.

At least with kill 10,000 people or reach rank 999 it takes a long time, but it's completely attainable with enough patience.

Shift 2: Win 8 times in a row

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood: Perform 16 different stunts in 1 match

I hate any online trophies that aren't practically attainable unless you boost.

Dark_Overlord2358d ago

Ah, Asbertego Employee Of The Month, god I hate that trophy. You're right though, its almost impossible legit :(

MidnytRain2357d ago

"1) Get all other Achievements"

Platinum Trophy?