Desperate To Play LittleBigPlanet? Crayon Physics May Help Tide You Over

Petri Purho, the creative genius behind Kloonigames, has created a unique puzzle game that just looks like a bunch of crayon scribbles. Looks can be deceiving.

His game, Crayon Physics, actually has you drawing objects with your mouse, which are then physically applied to the game world. The goal is to pick up stars with a little red ball.

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Twizlex3990d ago

Dude, I downloaded that game and it was flippin' awesome.

Xemnas3990d ago

Me 2 that thing is crazy lol

Tarmgar3990d ago

Heh, makes me want to download it.

LinuxGuru3990d ago


I can play this physics game wonderfully on my 1.3GHz mobile celeron!

Awesome! I'll be playing around with this until LBP comes out....thanks to the guy who made Crayon Physics!

Cutter203990d ago

The game sounds good but is it really worth a download? I'd prefer if it played in a browser... just for convenience sake.

MK_Red3990d ago

The game is super awesome. I played it 2 weeks ago. The only problem is that it's over TOO soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.