Valve and IGN tease Half-Life fans

Recent Twitter updates have left fans speculating that Valve is preparing their community for a massive announcement and posts by IGN that seem to tie in to this are possibly hinting at an update on the Half-Life series.


More signs are pointing in the direction of HL3, a forum post brought to light that the website has seen an update on April 29 ( check under "Update Date")

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Abash2393d ago

"OMG they're totally announcing Half-Life 3 for real this time" article #179564564633

inveni02392d ago

It has to come eventually, and the longer the wait, the bigger the hype. It's one game in which people won't lose interest (unlike Duke Nukem).

Snookies122392d ago

@inveni0 - People didn't lose interest in Duke Nukem Forever... At least, not real fans of the series. Honestly though, Duke had been away much longer than Half Life lol.

b163o12392d ago

I'm thinking it'll be a PS3 timed exclusive....before the shower of disagrees, lol Valve did say that Sony should be rewarded for opening up there Network. Maybe I'm wishing on a star, or maybe I'm just so sane I just blew your mind. ;).

Hey Margaret! FIST PUMP! -RS

inveni02392d ago

You think? 'Cause DNF is on sale at Best Buy for $

I know, I know, that's after the fact. But I was a huge fan of the Duke games, but the more it was delayed, and the more crappy screenshots we saw, I realized that no one was going to do it the justice and respect it deserved. So I lost interest, like any conscious buyer would.

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StraightPath2393d ago

this time will it be real? lol Half Life 3 if announched will literally steal E3...also maybe if more of GTA5 is shown too.

ATi_Elite2393d ago

I thought Valve was working on Ricochet 2?


Eamon2392d ago

We've been tortured for almost 5 years now.

Nimblest-Assassin2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

probably not HL3. IGN probably woke up and smelt coffee... unless its some elaborate.

I think its a trailer for meet the pyro... but still, never stop believing

One day... one day

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NYC_Gamer2393d ago

I bet its nothing HL3 related

unknownhero11232392d ago

yup, it's ign being dumb trolls as usual which will make that tweet ironic since half life fans will burn down the ign offices.

user54670072393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

So theres two ways this could play out

1) They are trolling us, this is a direct quote from the G-Man but they are just using it to hype people up, get people interested and then announce the Meet the Pryo video.

...but then again did IGN make such a big fuss over the other "Meet the..." videos ?

2) This is the real deal and they are going to tease us right up to E3 or up to another ARG which will then lead up to E3.

..."bu bu but the email said they wern't annoucing HL3 at E3". The fake.

paddystan2393d ago

I can feel it...i can feel it...that Gabe is trolling us again.

Red_eyes_Gremlin2393d ago


Seriously tho, When HL3 is geting its first pics here on N4g i will Fap and drool my self to death.

Cant wait !

Ace_Man_62393d ago

But you don't want to "drool yourself to death" because then you wouldn't be able to play the new Half-Life lol

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