Creat Studios Talks PlayStation Network..

In December, Creat Studios, developer of Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am and Coded Arms Contagion, announced that it had been certified a PlayStation Network publisher by Sony, allowing the studio to publish both internal projects and those developed by other third-parties.

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Darkiewonder3966d ago

The PSN store really needs more content other than from SCE's Internal Studios. Hopefully more companies bring forth more games to the Store so it won't feel so dead xD

bohemian 233966d ago

Yeah we can only hope so.

Rice3966d ago

Ps store should really change their lay out, thats all i have problems with.

ruibing3966d ago

That's true, it would be nice if it were more stream lined and made easier for me to find stuff.

Omegasyde3966d ago

end of story, also they are bring titles to xbl as well. In the end another cool,but not as cool as people were hoping for.

(IMHO i thought the news means more ps1 classics, since create would be doing the work for 3rd parties)