We need more episodic gaming

Developers and gamers can benefit from the clear advantages of episodic gaming.

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Soldierone2420d ago

No....just like DLC, to the consumer it starts off as a neat little gift in a cheap little box. Next thing you know its a giant overpriced box with little dlc codes and blocks all throughout it, and each episode is a total rip off.

And if did happen don't expect it to be 5 dollar episodes, the price will slowly increase till no one buys it, then stay just below that line.

Army_of_Darkness2420d ago

When I play a game, I don't want to have to wait every month just to continue my game!! WTF is that shit?! I prefer dev to just complete everything, then sell it to us.
It's just like tv shows, I don't bother watching a season of something until it comes complete on dvd so that way I could just watch everything back to back without waiting every week for a new episode..

Soldierone2420d ago

Not going to lie I do that with TV too. I try to keep interest, but end up forgetting or losing interest when a show randomly ends on a cliffhanger.

Cajun Chicken2420d ago

No. I don't want episodic gaming.

PirateThom2420d ago

I'm yet to play an episodic game (and Half-Life 2 doesn't count, it messed up the concept by failing to understand how it works) where I feel like this is how gaming should be. The episodic games I do own, where bought on the cheap/free and in a full pack. The experience just doesn't work for me.

Daver2420d ago

you should get Walking dead, if you are into these things (zombies and all) its very good and well worth the 5$
Cant wait for episode 2

SybaRat2420d ago

DLC packs ARE episodic gaming, and I'd bet half they "NO YUR WRONG" people on this thread have already bought into that. They're half-hour add-ons to the two-hour blockbuster movie that keeps the story going.

Could an episodic series survive without the retail component to lean on? The Walking Dead and Sam and Max say yes.