Indianapolis 500 Legends Review by IGN

Even though Indianapolis 500 legends is a lower budget design, the collaboration between Destineer and the people responsible for putting on the yearly races is still pretty impressive, and it's obvious that there was some passion put into the game (which, of course, Indy 500 fans will enjoy more than the average gamer). Classic footage from each era is included in the game, as are snippets of the announcers that broadcasted the races. The team was also given access to the actual models of cars from the Indianapolis 500 museum, so all the audio in the game is recorded off the real thing; something that is surprisingly detailed considering the game's other constraints. If more time would have been put into adding more content for racing fans, cleaning up the interface, and tuning up the graphics for Wii (the final product looks like an average PS2 game in the end), this could have been an impressive gem of a product, and could still end up a solid stepping stone for a higher-budget sequel in the future. When all is said and done, however, the game comes up short, and is only going to appeal to fans of the sport that can turn a blind eye to its faults, and instead enjoy what can at times be a fun nod to a racing era long forgotten.


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