A Valley Without Wind Review- CPG

Valley without Wind is a side scrolling adventure game created with exploration in mind. The story revolves around a cataclysmic event in which the universe some how tears apart at the seams. Soon after that occurs it reforms it’s self, patching together different timelines, eras, and environments into a cluttered mess. Deserts and glaciers exist right next to each other. Robotic life from the distant future co-exist with primitive man. Civilization fragments and wilderness and monsters reign the land. Those that survived the catastrophe of the universe rending are left to die in an alien and chaotic world, enter you to save the day. You play a role of the glyphbearer, a hearty lineage of adventures with the task to restore civilization and ensure the safety of others, as well as becoming really powerful while doing it. An interesting aspect of the glyphbearers is they typically don’t live that long in the harsh new world. The game makes it a point to tell you, death is not “if it happens” but a “when it happens”. When you’re current character dies, you simply pick from the pool of unending adventures and start out on the journey where you last left off. Any items or spells acquired from past fallen heroes transfer to the next generation of heroes to help ease the frustration of death, but upgrades the players made to specific characters will be lost along with that persons life.

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