Halo 4 to use Kinect?

Halo 4 is coming at the end of the year but with so much speculation surrounding the first outing for 343 Studios proper Halo offering away from Bungie there's some creative freedoms to explore that haven't been looked at before.

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StrongMan2333d ago

Of course. It will be shoe horned in in some way.

bunt-custardly2333d ago

Makes sense really for MS first party exclusives.

ShadesMoolah2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Seems to be the norm now, and as pointed out it's featured in 343s remastering of Halo CE, so I'd be more surprised if Halo 4 lacked Kinect functionality.

SKUD2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Its only a matter of time. There's no way to avoid it.

tigertron2333d ago

Halo 4: 'Better with Kinect' urggh....I can see it now.

Eiffel2333d ago

"Because controllers are complex."

SilentNegotiator2333d ago

9 buttons and 3 directional instruments.....MAH BRAIN! It's melting!!

from the beach2333d ago

More complex than the frigging human body?!

SkullBlade1692333d ago

Too complex for most people apparently.

units2333d ago

Im pretty sure Frank from 343 said this wasnt happening

bunt-custardly2333d ago

Yep, that was back then, this is now!

aviator1892331d ago

Actually, he has confirmed multiple times on neogaf that Halo 4 will not support kinect. Actually, the last time he confirmed it to a user was just under a day ago, so..

Majin-vegeta2333d ago

But doesn't it come down to M$ and not 343??

IIC0mPLeXII2333d ago

Because it was so useful in mass effect and rise of nightmares was great lol. Oh Microsoft! You and your useless peripherals.

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