Sonic And All Stars Racing Wii U? Keep your eyes peeled says producer

Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed has been confirmed for 3DS but producer Joe Neate hasn't ruled out the possibility of the game coming to Wii U, urging fans to "keep their eyes peeled."

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blinkingfast2392d ago

i think wii fans would really like it.

ZeroG192391d ago

The first one is on the wii so the second being on the wii u is pretty much guarenteed..

refocusedman2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Im calling it, mario vs sonic kart racing

Moerdigan2391d ago

wouldn't mind the change up.

chanmasta2391d ago

That's actually a fantastic idea. I'm not too fond of the Mario & Sonic olympic games ones but love that the two characters are collaborating, so a joint kart racing one would be very awesome!
And in another world where people live without copyrights, Crash Bandicoot could join too ;D