Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: Five first screenshots

Five new screenshots of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

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Christopher2417d ago

Sonic, the IP that won't die, not matter how many terrible games are produced. It defies today's standards in gaming.

kesvalk2417d ago

today's standard is COD, a series of terrible games that just don't die...

atticus142417d ago

I thought the previous Sonic & all-stars racing was okay, I wouldn't say that this series gives sonic a bad name and really the brand seems to be recovering as far as quality goes.

I wont buy this game at launch or anything but I'll pick it up when its cheap enough; mostly for the multiplayer aspect.

MidnytRain2417d ago

The gameplay looks fast and slick.

Starbucks_Fan2417d ago

Graphics are nice... but not looking like a day one buy at all.

-Gespenst-2417d ago

I thought the previous game was actually really fun and very pretty, but just lacked much content. This looks like an improvement.