Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor ‘would not exist’ Without Kinect

360 Magazine: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is From Software’s chance to prove Kinect can offer gamers more than dance titles and cuddly pets, but will anyone care?

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DaveX3602359d ago

My chronic arm pain wouldn't exist without Kinect, either.

cstyle2358d ago

Don't blame kinect for being out of shape.

multipayer2358d ago

His body was not ready. Enough repetitive motions like these shitty games have could probably hurt anyone though.

Dailynch2359d ago

As long as it works properly without me having to shout at it or wave my arm in front of it for ten seconds, i'll be interested.

jimmins2359d ago

And Kinect would not exist without a vast misunderstanding of what videogames are.

StrongMan2358d ago

Then how did the first Steel Battalion game exist without Kinect?

yesmynameissumo2358d ago

Then why isn't it played 100% with Kinect?

coolbeans2358d ago

Does it need to be 100% Kinect in order for the title to be true?

yesmynameissumo2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Yes, it does.

The statement doesn't make sense to me. Something utilized 30% of the time in-game is the reason said game exists? That's bullshit imo.

coolbeans2358d ago

Do you recall the big controller for the original Steel Battalion? From the gameplay vid I saw, Kinect seemed to utilize enough important control inputs to make the hybrid nature feel fluid enough. I honestly don't see this statement as BS, unless we're inclined to believe MS would be bringing back that old controller.

Kinect doesn't have be used 100% in order for it to be relevant; that's...the whole point of hybrid games to begin with. Developers are attempting (success and failure is for another discussion) to display the pros of the device without losing the 1:1 input of a controller.

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