God of War: Ascension gets multiplayer - Gamespot Preview


The God of War is making the jump to multiplayer. When the series prequel God of War: Ascension arrives on the PlayStation 3 next year, it will do so with a new multiplayer mode, Sony has confirmed.

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SSKILLZ2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

It looks badass, I'm glad there where no Krato and deimos clones.

Edit: oh and those graphics are amazing

waltyftm2359d ago

Agreed, looks stunning, reading a lot of comments where people are moaning that it has multiplayer, they seem to think it will take something out of the single player, i believe it wont hurt it at all, the Sp part of the GoW games has always been perfection and the multiplayer is going to be a bonus.

sandman2242359d ago

There's nothing wrong with adding multiplayer. I'm sure it will all fit on the blue ray disc. I think multiplayer will help the sales in the long run. Not that this game needs it.

neutralgamer192359d ago

This game will be awesome. Man i am so glad there's some mp in it adding more replay value!!!!!! Uncharted 2 is a good example of a game adding mp, yet being such a big step over the initial game which had no mp and we all know how UC2 ended up being (the most acclaimed game ever receiving the most awards in the history of gaming.)