Xbox 360 Down 18% in 2007, PS3 Sells 1.2 Million, Wii Still Sold Out

GameFreaks365, January 10th:

Despite what Microsoft has repeatedly called "the greatest holiday lineup in videogame history" with the Games of the Year lineup, the Xbox 360 struggled in 2007 to outpace PS3. Xbox 360 shipments declined 18 percent from 8.9 million in 2006 to 7.3 million in 2007.

On the other hand, Sony PS3 appears to be on the rebound, according to preliminary numbers from Sony's PR department in Foster City. Worldwide totals are estimated to be in the range of 5-6 million for PS3 in 2007.

While exact numbers for Wii in 2007 will not be known until NPD reports in mid-January 2008, Nintendo estimates nearly as many Wiis will be sold in the console's first year and three months (17.5 million) as Microsoft has shipped Xbox 360 in its first two years.

GameFreaks365 notes that two weeks after Christmas, the Nintendo Wii and DS are still sold out in all of the local retailers they contacted: four GameStops, two Game Crazys, a Circuit City, two Wal-Marts, Toys R Us, Meijer and Target.

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HarryEtTubMan3988d ago ShowReplies(3)
WilliamRLBaker3988d ago

A analysis of year over year....tends to happen with more then a 2 year stretch a decline of 18% over a single year is not a detailed analysis of a concurrent trend.

All information used in this article is old by a week or more, and is a biased peice of crap site that no one has ever heard of till it was posted here. which was obviously posted by a sonyfanboy.

mikeslemonade3988d ago

Well the numbers are fact. The sales in Europe and in Japan are declining even when the 360 has like the best games. In 2008 360 will not have as much good games as 2007 and it will likely sell less again.

bohemian 233988d ago

Tanod must be eliminated from this site. It's the only way any justice can come back to this site. The very pillars of it's foundation rest on the destruction of Tanod. He is very pale and resembles Gollum so He shouldn't be to hard to defeat.

Bathyj3988d ago

Remember that crying baby avatar you used to have? Man that suited you.

Just in case anyone missed it. X360, the only console (that survived) to sell less its 2nd year than it did its 1st year. Those numbers seem pretty right to me considering M$ has said many times they were slowing shipments and we all remember last year near Christmas they tried to flood the market to pad their sales figures. Of course they were going to ship less this year. 8.9+7.2=16.2-1/3rd. There must be about 10.8 million working Xboxes out there. Ha, isn't that the number they claimed last christmas, before we found out how full of sh*t they are?

I guess Sony might be about 6 million for this year cos that doesn't include the launch numbers in Nov Dec, and they reached 5 sold quite a while ago. I'd guess about 7 million overall but I could be wrong.

Anyway, why so upset by the numbers, you have a working Xbox dont you? Isn't that enough to make you happy?

poos33988d ago

the ps3 out nothinbg but its self in 2007 the 360 accprding to npd the real chart is spanking the ps3 gamers dont buy the ps3 dads buy it to watch blue ray there no 1 on the psn and no 1 buying the ps3 software

Kleptic3988d ago

despite me being extremely drunk at this point in time...I can still manage to see the obvious...

the ps3 outsold the 360 worldwide for the last month of 2007 even after Mass effect, Halo 3, and bioshock...even after nothing but "the best games of all time only being on the 360"...even after zhuk saying "I am a robot and will now combine words like undoubtedly, superior, unquestionbablyawesome, etc."...even after TheMart saying "gears is awesome!!!"...even after Icewake saying "I am a total fecking retard!!!"...I could go on for days...

and all the while the Wii destroys both in year long doesn't matter...the PS3 had a great year despite all the problems...the 360 had a decent year considering the RRoD issues...its definitely not the destruction that fanboys told us was inevitably coming because of Halo 3...but it still managed to stay significantly ahead of the PS3 overall...something sony fanboys said wouldn't in the end both sets of fanboys lose equal amounts...and this comment was totally awesome nonetheless...

SL1M DADDY3988d ago

You may have been drunk when you wrote that but that post makes more sense than many of the posts from those under the legal drinking age. Bubbles up for you.

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ktchong3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Sure, there are many people who don't care about the RROD and are buying Xbox 360, but there are also many who are staying away from 360 because of the quality issue. Quality and reliability still stand for something for some people.

It's the later segment of people that are hurting Microsoft's sales.

Genki3988d ago

The PS2's disc read errors didn't stifle it for long, and this is no different. IMO, the acknowledgement and steps to alleviate the issue should have been taken well before the PS3 launched, and they're paying for it now.

Better late than never though, but Sony's machine really wouldn't have had the reliability(BIG issue with even half-witted consumers) advantage up to now.

El_Colombiano3988d ago

Wow, I agree with you, you just gained some respect from me man...

Bill Gates3988d ago

Hey did you get the RROD on your console? Just curious because as of late, you've been sorta on the "Dark side" if you know what I mean. I'm gladd to see there's still hope for some of you.

But yeah, I was serious about my "?" too.

Kleptic3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

as far as the PS2's disc read errors...I don't remember specifically how bad that got...but I do know that I didn't meet one person personally that ever had the problem...the 360 on the other hand...I know less people that have yet to have a RROD than people that did...

not saying that is relevant...I realize that that doesn't mean lots of PS2 didn't pop...but I have noticed since the RROD stuff really came up, more people saying "well the PS2 had quality problems and look at it now"...regardless the ps2 never had close to a ~30% piss-owners-off rate...the 360 has/had one of the most significant and expensive electronic failure rates of all time...and its still not over...

its a little ignorant to bunch the PS2 into this had some issues as well...but not even close to this scale...

I have said it countless times, that this is exactly why I never got around to buying a 360...I like the system for the most part...but I have seen way to many of them brick, literally in person, to consider spending my own money on one at this point in time...I use my roommates instead...this is his second by the way...

power of Green 3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Man you've been making some stupid ass comments lately and posting out-right garbage too.

Almost like you've turned anti MSFT judging by some of your ridiculous news post.

Only natural as new consoles establish themselfs in the market vs no real competition in the start, demand and sales would be effeted. Sure RROD played some part in it.

I'm going to have to dissagree and say it has more to do with the other consoles taking some market as if MSFT can murder the competition. lol.

Are you paying your rent with the prize money from this site?. Sheeesh. All you do is post 360 news theres two other consoles on the market stop trolling 360 news man.

Almost a child-like flip flop malice you display towards the 360.

360 has done well considering millions of people were waiting for PS3 to launch before buying a next-gen console and it still did well after two console kings released their new consoles.

RROD had little to do with the drop(why would anybody worry about a 360 failing with the warrenty and new improved consoles?).

Please find some Wii news or non blu-ray PS3 news. GOD DAM...

Blitzed3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Man, you make me laugh. Anyone who says anything against MS is a troll, even when they are a known 360 fan. LOL

Would you buy a new car if I told you, 'Hey, its fun to drive but theres a good chance its going to break down and leave you stranded. Not to worry though, theres a warranty!'

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name3988d ago

I'd have figured most people who are buying the 360 were also Xbox owners themselves. Although, having a sales DECLINE during your best year is really baffling. The sales might jump back up during the GTA4 period though.

LoydX-mas3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

But, there are three major factors:

1.360 finally had competition from TWO new game consoles

2.Sony dropped the price twice.

3.Japan finally started buying the PS3.

P.S. The RROD problem did not help!

EDIT: whoever disagreed, at least have the guts to say why.

Kleptic3988d ago

the only aspect I agree with (although I didn't click disagree) is the competition...

Sony dropped the price, yes...but also spent more than half the year at nearly double the price of the entry 360 (considering after the 20 gig went off the map)...and MS dropped the price of 360 sku's that is more or less fact, if anything, the fact that the PS3 didn't get wiped off the market entirely is impressive considering how expensive it was compared to its competition...

RROD also had way less of an impact than most thought it would...with relatively no decent announcement from MS, other than 'we will pay tons of money to help this issue', the 360 still sold...

the main point is that Sony and MS had decent years...Sony did suprisingly well considering all the problems with media, BD, games, and it being generally "cool to not like the PS3"...while the 360, with all its huge games, still didn't sell as well as its first year...but kept a decent lead on the PS3...

one thing to learn from this goes towards the PS3...if the PS3 sells worse in 2008 than it did in 2007, with all the huge games coming out for the PS3 in 2008, it can be declared an absolute flop as far as Playstation devices go...but the way sales have ramped on the thing in the past 2 months leaves that to be highly hasn't got one of its hugely anticipated games yet, and still managed to sell on par with the 360's best year so far, even with all the competition...

LightningPS33988d ago

"Worldwide totals are estimated to be in the range of 5-6 million for PS3 in 2007."

They had reached 5 million long before the holiday season even started.

360 down 18% in shipments from 8.9 million in 2006 to 7.3, that's 16.2 total. Microsoft has already said they shipped 17.7.

And then they also say it's 360 who's doing bad. if PS3 in total worldwide is 5-6 million shipped, they're doing horrible.

This article isn't clear enough, or accurate, or anything.

HarryEtTubMan3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Sony Said they will sale 11 million PS3's by March... the obviosuly havent only sold 5-6 million.

Why are u disagree retarded jealous XBOTS. You are LOSING. You are GOING TO LOSE. And there is nothing u can do about it. PERIOD. Have fun.

rofldings3988d ago

16.2 million for the 360 is correct, as "shipped" means sold to retailers, so 1.5 million in stores around the world is believable.

Kleptic3988d ago

last year some analysts tried to clarify this, which ultimately ended with MS admitting they were overly optimistic on "sold" 360s...

Sony always used sold as "in home", so they claimed anyway...MS used sold as "in stores"...and Nintendo simply said "we have no fecking idea"...

Sony wasn't necessarily innocent in the matter though, because their numbers were usually confirmed to be inflated overall...but MS met the same issue when they claimed to have over 10 million "sold" before Gears of War even January 2007 multiple retailers reported of MS forcing 360's on them with some Vista push, and MS admitted to the inflated numbers, and pulled the years sales (2006) to something like 8.5 million total...but still was cloudy on if that was in stores or in home...

either of which doesn't matter...both did fine in 2007...and both lost miserably to that retarded little wii...

OJ_juice3988d ago

yes, they sold about 5-7 million in 2007 alone. but overall. at december 29 vgchartz confimed ps3 sold over 8.41 Million units total.

then I looked back at wikipedia sales at september 30. I looked at xbox 360 sales and ps3 sales compared to december time period. PS3 sold about 0.8 million more then the xbox 360. So ps3 almost sold 1 million more then xbox 360 in 3 months.

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