Live-action 'Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn' web series coming this fall

XMNR: Microsoft is heavily investing in the Halo franchise once again as a live-action web series for Halo 4 was announced on Monday that tells an original story about a young recruit inspired by Master Chief. Could this be the start of a revival of a Halo film?


Full teaser shot of the Spartan IV hero in the live-action series added.

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Dlacy13g2056d ago

I truly hope this is done right. My two cents, get the director from the live action halo reach commercial seemed that person was capturing the right feel and look for a gritty halo film.

ChunkyLover532056d ago

This could be interesting. I loved the "Remember Reach" live action commercial, if its done like that it could be great. I loved the Dragon Age, Mortal Kombat and Assassins Creed web series.

Paradicia2056d ago

Sounds Amazing. Can't wait to see a live action version of the chief!

The Meerkat2056d ago

Well I've just bought my first class ticket for the hype train.

Paradicia2056d ago

75 minutes of pure halo fiction.

aviator1892056d ago

I've always enjoyed the Halo live-action shorts. My favorites are still the ones from Neil Blomkamp.

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