Batman Returns? Warner Bros. Montreal Reveal Incoming This Week

NowGamer:Warner Bros.' Canadian studio teasing new title amid rumours of a new Superman or Batman game.

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MurDocINC2391d ago

Superman game is just a bad idea, like who you going to fight? Superman enemies don't have henchmen, it would be just be boss fights. And you can't hold back a god behind walls and doors.

I hope its Batman: Gotham City, bigger open world with batmobile and batwing. There were lots of hints for it in arkham city.

Drano2391d ago

Lots of talks about Bloodhaven (Blüdhaven, don't know if I type it well) too.

Whatever, I just want to deliver some bat-pain!

ACBAA2391d ago

i'd love to see an innovative superman game since we got one for batman recently.

all superman games have been decent to terrible, that was years ago though so he needs a comeback