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When CD Projekt announced that they'd be porting their epic RPG The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings to Xbox 360, no one really seemed to understand why. Porting a sequel without the original game seemed weird, and were console gamers really even into the depth of a PC action-RPG? But after playing this 360 port, I now understand why they bothered: it's because this is still one of the most pure, satisfying, and enjoyable fantasy-action experiences released on a console in quite a while.

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vikingland12359d ago

I just started the 3rd chapter and it's really pulling me in now.I think this game starts slow but picks up real fast about the middle of the 2nd chapter.

sagapo2359d ago

agreed. The first chapter was a bit meh, although I was blow away from the graphics (I've played the PC version) but the story and the overall atmosphere really sucked me in. I did however struggled a bit with the combat in the beginning, but that was just me not understanding the combat mechanics from the start...

Captain Qwark 92359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

just beat it last night, also one of the best games ive ever played. so much to like, very little wrong with it and the few things that are wrong with it are so minor its irrelevant

9.5/10 for me....

btw the ending is so conclusive and so satisfying. chap 3 is a blast

for the record though, imo...

voice work
overall game-play

while great 9/10 times, sometimes the controls are unresponsive
occasional cheap death ( played on dark )