Boy Discovers Gameboy Micro, Convinces Classmates It’s the Next 3DS (Wired)

Boy spots boxed Gameboy Micro in second hand shop window and convinces his older brother and friends that it's the next new 3DS console from Nintendo.

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A-Glorious-Dawn2423d ago

I can play all gameboy games and GBA games on my Android smartphone with emulators....

Playing Links awakening again is awesome....

zeal0us2423d ago

I still play Super Mario World and Megaman X on my phone. Thank god for emulators.

Wish my phone was strong enough to run a PSX emulator.

Skate-AK2423d ago

My IPod Touch 4th gen plays PS games pretty smoothly. Only one that hasn't worked for me is Resident Evil 3.

A-Glorious-Dawn2423d ago

I actually thought this would be a problem but the emulator I use has amazing button emulation that you can customize to your liking..

so no, no fails here

Agent_00_Revan2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Spare Sixaxis controller + the Sixaxis Controller app ($2) = Awesomeness anywhere @ anytime.

Recently played through Mega Man X, Super Contra, Batman NES, & Contra. Currently Playing Super Castlevania. And many more to come. Every one of them playing and controlling prefectly

Edit: not to mention the HDMI out on my phone. While not as authentic looking as playing on an old style tv, its just another one of those things that Android Does what Apple Don't.

Ace_Pheonix2423d ago

I just wish my phone had real buttons on it. Damn touch interface looks cool, but does not work well for games at all.

CrescentFang2423d ago

What a cool dad to be! Also having sons that like older games (assuming the info from the article).

Hicken2423d ago

So... it at no point says he thought it was the next 3DS. Although it's a cool little story, it's rather misleading. And if the kid honestly DID believe it was the next 3DS, it goes to show you that kids shouldn't be the ones making gaming purchases- or having their parents listen to them on said purchases.