RPG Rumble: Witcher 2 VS Risen 2 (Strategy Informer)

From "Now this may surprise or shock some of our readers, but games publishers aren’t perfect. Now and again they screw up, whether it’s not advertising the greatest FPS ever made (Activision and Singularity) or by putting two of their own titles out on the same day (Ubisoft pretty much every Christmas). Occasionally, like what has happened in the last month, they look at the release schedule and decide the best place for their game is right up against another high-profile similar title".

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NYC_Gamer2421d ago

Risen 2 is just too much of a technical mess.....

ugly characters
bad voice acting/out of sync
bad combat
textures and everything else need work

I've played downloadable only indie rpgs that are miles better......

Its an embarrassment to the top notch quality of The Witcher 2 to even mention mediocre trash like Risen 2...

Despair6662421d ago

there is no comparison...risen 2 doesn't even come close to witcher 2 in terms of quality and gameplay

closnyc2421d ago

is this a serious question? but i guess you cant really compare witcher 2 to skyrim as they are different kinds of rpg. these two are more similar, but it is more than obvious that witcher 2 blows risen 2 out of the water without a doubt. anyone who thinks otherwise, has absolutely no taste in rgps.

hano2421d ago

To be honest, I prefer Risen series over the Witcher, but I like them both and I like the Witcher story much better.

pandehz2421d ago

Can we have a button to delete this this article?

I mean come on Risen 2(piss poor) and The Witcher 2 (best frigging rpg) being compared together?