The Biggest Flakes of 2007 - Infuriating No-Shows and Depressing Delays

Games Radar writes, "Release dates - like hearts, promises and Xbox 360s - are made to be broken. Games scheduled for next week invariably slide into next month, next month into next year, next year into next decade... and next decade into, well, never. We must resign ourselves to this rule or live in perpetual disappointment."

"But indulge and imagine for a moment. What if those dates were always hit? What if developer and publisher promises were always kept? What if forum predictions were always true? What if every game that was, at one point, scheduled or rumored for release in 2007 actually had released in 2007?"

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Leathersoup3963d ago

My 360 must be defective because other than a few disc read errors, which were cleared up by using a disc lens cleaner, I haven't had any problems with it.

Real Gambler3963d ago

It's software!!! The most stupid bug can sometime push back a schedule by a few months. Game may look good, but beta testers can suddendly find huge holes that will take months to fix.

I know I'm old, but before, a game was coming out, when a game was coming out. The only sure thing was that if Chrismas was coming, you could be sure they would put in the overtime to finish it before... Otherwise, you knew the game was coming and that's it.

Only time I would set a date, is when beta is finished and you're ready to roll the press. So only a few weeks before release.