IGN: de Blob Hands-on, Videos and Screens

It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while a publisher or developer drops a totally unique experience on gamers' laps. In an industry that thrives off of yearly franchises and high-budget sequels, most of the more unique games end up finding only a small cult following, go virtually unnoticed, but also hold a very specific place in its console's history. Games like Zack & Wiki, Elebits, and No More Heroes fall into that category already on Wii, and while not all of them are AAA, top-tier efforts in the end, they bring such a breath of fresh air to the system that they won't be forgotten. Well, it looks to be time to add another game to that list, and it comes from a somewhat unlikely source. THQ – known most for its #1 ranking as the gaming industry's top licensed games provider – has contracted developer Blue Tongue to create something truly original for Wii, and from the first hour and a half IGN has played, it was a great move.

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PS360WII3967d ago

"feel as a mash-up between Mercury Meltdown, Jet Set Radio, and something along the lines of Pikmin or Elebits"

That sounds like a good mix of games to me. I never heard of this till a few days ago and I'm already intrested in it ^^

wiizy3967d ago

these videos show great improvement from this game... im very interested in it now.. it looks good

Prismo_Fillusion3967d ago

Looks cool, I like the music too.
Perfect kind of game for the Wii.
If you can't compete with the other systems in graphics, there's always style.

purin3967d ago

the textures look astounding & the art style is refreshing ^_^
hopefully it will run @ 60fps

wiizy3967d ago

compete in what graphics.. i have an hdtv and a regular.. you would have to show me the improvement besides close closeups... idiots always follow updates.... while intelligent people come up with innovation and trends... and yes im saying microsoft want a wiimote and so does sony cause they cant compete update dont work