Warlock: Master of the Arcane Preview Impressions with Video | Geared for Gamers

Similar to Age of Empires, the goal of the game is to locate rival powers on the map, defeat their armies, and eventually take over their cities. At the start of the game, you are prompted to choose a Great Mage to serve as your leader. The available mages range from the traditional (a wizard named Miralbus the Hat) to the hilariously absurd (a giant rodent named King Rrat XLII). In your quest for world domination, you’ll encounter rival mages on the map, as well as neutral monsters such as fire imps, wolves, and elementals. The game also introduces you to a pantheon of ‘gods.’ You can earn their favor by completing quests, such as building temples or defeating particularly nasty enemies. But beware: you can anger the gods just as you can please them, and refusing their requests for aid sometimes makes you fall out of their favor. The broad cast of characters in Warlock is a masterful addition to the game, and it’s genuinely challenging to juggle relationships with diplomats, monsters and deities all at once.

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