David Jaffe: All for One - Calls for One Console Future

Eat Sleep Play co-President and former God of War designer David Jaffe writes:

"Can anyone explain to me how having ONE console would be bad for gamers? Or game developers for that matter?

The argument that keeps coming up is, 'oh, it would stifle competition and competition is good for gamers!'

But I don't understand this in regards to console hardware.

One game publisher would be bad. One giant game developer would be bad. I get how those things would hurt gamers. But why would one unified hardware platform?"

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fenderputty3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

the only person benifiting from a unified console would be the developers and the console creater. Consumers on the other hand never benifit from something like this. It's called a Monopoly. Imagine having one car maker, one fuel company, one TV company, one computer company or even one shoe company. Prices would be dictated by the company. Competition drives down prices, creates differentiation, and makes us consumers happy. One console might be good for you MR. Jaffe but, it is in no way good for my gaming self.

What's the difference between Hardware and Software? The consoles are similar but, both consoles push each other. Each console has a feature that was influenced by the other. The playstation might not even have an online network if it wasn't for M$. I sure as hell know it wouldn't be free too. This goes both ways.

All this is, is developers trying to maximize their profit by not having to develope for more then one platform. They can also hit a larger market with one game. It's good for the console maker too. I just don't see how it is good for us in any way.

Omegasyde3991d ago

this shmuck always says the most off the wall ideas.

Stick to making Twisted metal.

socomnick3991d ago

It could possibly be good for the consumer the developers would be able to focus on one console thus the games would be better. The developers would compete against each other to get their game sold above the others so there would better quality games. Im just guessing right here I could be right or very wrong.

Omegasyde3991d ago

true socom, but what about jobs? Also what about consoles in general. If there was no competition in consoles we would be stuck in the 8-bit days with 2 buttons and cartridges.

fenderputty3991d ago

Even on that level, think about all the Money Sony and MS have sunk into first party research and development. They do this so that their console has a one up on the other in a form of software. So console competition is driving some of the software development. Think of all the leaps and bounds engines have seen due to this. I'm not saying it would go away because surely you're correct. Competition would still exist among game developers and push things along. I just think it would be slower.

Seriously ... if there was only one console, we would all be playing Wii's right now. We wouldn't have browsers, audio players, HD video playback, WIFI, HDMI, network streaming capabilities, photo albums and possibly even online communities to play with. These consoles are beasts now and it's all because they're trying to get a one up on the other.

Ju3991d ago

What's bad in feeding Elephants on one spot? It's convenient for them. No need to drag that huge body around. with the result that muscles degenerate and body fat increases. Eventually the body can't handle it and the Elephant dies. This is in short how a monopoly works. So, yes, I agree, it would lead to a monopoly.

Currently I see no way, that its possible to build distinct machines which are cross platform compatible. Say, there is one middle layer which might make all games work across platforms and allows the designers design a game which would run across this virtual unified platform.

A complete HW cloned platform is useless and will never happen. This takes the complete freedom out of the equation for the HW designers or even the product placement. How do you sell something if you cannot point out some details your product has over some other, be it price or features.

We have something similar. Its called the PC. What that means is pretty visible. I huge spectrum of different configurations. It is not guaranteed - even though they use the same tech and OS - that a game runs thru out the whole range of machines. Possibly it could be, but then, who defines the user interface for such a machine, so it can be used from anybody in an unified way - without again leading to a monopoly ?

One machine, different vendors, same specs, no cross platform maintenance ? Will not happen. And rightly so. Don't become an Elephant. Keep moving.

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Dmack793991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

In fact, there is a better chance that the console war will get a 4th platform. Probably Apple will become the next company to enter the race.

Oh yeah, and tell others that according to EGM #225 Left 4 Dead has gone multi-plat.

socomnick3991d ago

Good Im getting the xbox 360 version hope the ps3 fans also enjoys this game.

Omegasyde3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

Samsung will be the next group to enter, apple however might go for making a handheld device primarily for gaming.

EDIT: Microsoft had a good partnership with sega and looked what happened. There is alot of gaming potential in S. Korea and they would be able to start some 1st part developers. Then again I am just speculating. EA would be my top guess, since they have so many developers.

socomnick3991d ago

I highly doubt samsung would make a console they have a good partnership with microsoft.

HarryEtTubMan3991d ago

Nintendo=First ever
Sony=Most Successful ever
Microsft=Just becoming Succesful is that gonna work LOL

name3991d ago

Left for dead went multiplat? I think I saw that at E3. Can any 360 owners tell me if its the survival horror fps? multiplayer or whatever?

socomnick3991d ago

Its a awesome looking multiplayer coop zombie game. you and 4 survivors are tasked with surviving huge number of zombies 4 of which can be controlled by humans that coordinate the zombie attacks. go on youtube and check out the videos man its quite impressive.

KidMakeshift3991d ago

Think Resident Evil Outbreak, but fun

EZCheez3991d ago

I saw that one and I looked specifically at that one to see if it was coming to the PS3. It only said PC/360.

I hope I am wrong though, because the presentation for it at E3 looked fanf**kingtastic.

Fux4Bux3991d ago

That's lame. We'd end up with massively overpriced weak hardware and loads of trash games. Oh wait we already have that with the Wii.

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