Times Online: HD-DVD vs Blu-ray: Is the battle over?

Times Online writes:

"I realize it's considered gauche to question a gift, particularly one that comes in a big box. But for those of you who received an HD DVD player this holiday season, it would be completely understandable if you packed it up and marched it back to the buyer and demanded an explanation. In fairness, the buyer probably had no idea the HD DVD player would be obsolete by, oh, say, Christmas, 2008. The salesman probably made no hint to your well-meaning girlfriend that there is a winner-takes-all format war going on between HD DVD (backed by Toshiba and Microsoft) and Blu-ray (backed by Sony)...

But for those of you now staring incredulously at your HD DVD player, it's too late...Choose wisely."

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WilliamRLBaker3992d ago

Nothing about TECH no new tech is talked about, no new technical information is given, its about the movie side not bout the game side since no games come out on hd dvd.

Bill Gates3992d ago

According to the world, YES.


Sad, really sad.

bohemian 233992d ago

That's all is this butthole does is try to look up pro Sony/blu-ray stories that downtalk anything to do with MS/Hd-dvd.