Black Ops 2 – Treyarch Hints at Another Mystery Voice Actor, New Teaser Image Revealed

MP1st - Yet another piece of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 intel has been dropped by Treyarch while yesterday’s has been updated to reveal another mystery voice actor.

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Buzz7S2184d ago


Just get it over and done with already.

ChunkyLover532184d ago

Its smart to build up hype, Call Of Duty is a popular series and these little tidbits seem to be attracting a ton of interest. It seems to be getting interest even from people that had previously written off the series.

I think Treyarch might be the better developer when it comes to the COD franchises now.

matt19912184d ago

I totally agree. IW went down hill after cod4.
MW2 was really fun untill people found out the perk combo for unlimited noobtubes and IW never patched it or any other gliches/exploits.

Black Ops to me was the best CoD since CoD4.

Young_ART2184d ago

oh a new call of duty? didnt see that coming....

SoldierX2184d ago

Nolan North or Carlos Ferro.

FarCryLover1822184d ago

I'm actually looking forward to this COD title. I skipped MW3 and MW2 and COD isn't as tired and worn out to me since I haven't really played one since early 2011. This will be a fun change of pace.

Hufandpuf2184d ago

at least you skipped some, your purchase is justafiable, but I don't understand the people that buy it year after year.

TekoIie2184d ago

Hopefully those ideas in an article a while ago end up being in the full game. They were very balanced and would result in a brilliant COD game!

matt19912184d ago

Yea i am hoping as well.

Ex- No Nubetubes/rockets in hardcore. FUCK YEA.

But if this CoD fails this will be my lost Call oF Duty.

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