Prolonging Skyrim DLC is justified

InEnt writes: Bethesda’s justification for prolonging the release of Skyrim DLC – the developer will know about the controversy other games have gone through when launching DLC, especially when day-one, and it’s likely the wait is in part due to Bethesda not wanting to make the mistakes seen with other titles. Making sure it’s a hefty expansion and reliable with no major problems is what we ask for, and the wait shows us that it will likely be something worth buying that is well tested.

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jthamind1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

i wish people would get off this this kick about when the Skyrim DLC is coming and why it's not here yet. this has nothing to do with whether "prolonging it is justified," or how long it's been in production, etc, or the public perception if they release it "early."

the first real expansion (not counting the horse armor DLC) for Oblivion was released eight MONTHS after Oblivion, and that was before the DLC fiasco had gotten big in the industry.

bottom line is that the Skyrim expansions/DLC will be ready when they're ready, and they'll likely be worth the money.

winther_1997d ago

Indeed.. I'd rather wait another 2-3 months and get something really good, than some crappy DLC which has been the case many times for the Fallout series.

DFogz1997d ago

Honestly, I'd rather they not bother making DLC and instead focus on FIXING THE GAME!
There's still tons of game-breaking bugs and the very real chance that you could lose hundreds of hours of progress at any moment.

Guaranteed that whatever the DLC is, it will be riddled with bugs and everyone will still buy it. I however, won't be.

Drake1171997d ago

Good for you. I will be buying the DLC day one since my game hasn't crashed yet or had any game breaking bugs.

nihonlight1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Screw DLC Fix the game! Fix the damn letrushes!!
This DLC is going to be a day 1 ps3 breaker.