Hard4Games Writes: Max Payne 3 Is Worrisome

"The original Max Payne was one of those games that came out of nowhere, and yet it single-handedly generated an evolution in gaming: Bullet-time. While bullet-time has become overly saturated over the years, to the point of no longer being worth promoting in newer titles, it was still fresh by the time Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne released a few years after the first. However, it wasn’t just the bullet-time that captivated players’ intrigue into the series—it was the eye-opening story that focused the narration toward a mixture of comic-book and noir. Max Payne 2 was also a rarity, since it was one of those sequels that vastly surpassed the original in every sense of the word. The game-play and graphics were polished, while the story and soundtrack reeked of satisfaction to the eyes and ears. The ending was tragic, yet satisfying enough to end the franchise. So how do you follow up from Max Payne 2? You don’t, but Rockstar intends to, anyway."

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NYC_Gamer2183d ago

MP3 should be a good game but from watching videos it doesn't have that true Max Payne look/vibe

user54670072183d ago

Thats what I'm thinking by looking at everything we've seen on Max Payne 3

The flashback levels set in New York are like

"OMG Max Payne is back, this looks amazing"

Then you see him in Brazil, with his bald head and bright coloured clothes and you just think to yourself

"WTF...what happened, did the video switch to a different game trailer"

I like Rockstar I really do but what bugs me is that they had time early on in development to change the setting of the game but decided not to.

I feel like Rockstar have gotten to a point where they know they are so respected that people will buy there games regardless

I don't think it's going to be a crap game, I think it's going to be brillaint but as a Max Payne will fail in my eyes.

They keep mentioning Remedy aswell and how they have their approval but to be honest I think Remedys only saying it's good because 1) It's Rockstar and 2) If they did have a problem with it it's not like they could do anything about it.

I hope people don't get "being a good game" and "being a good Max Payne game" mixed up while reviewing it

Remember GTA4, it got perfect scores when it came out, because it was a Rockstar game and because of hype and then nearly a year later the truth came out.....that it wasn't really a good GTA game, it was a good game but for a GTA game it was lacking that one thing which other GTA games had.....a fun factor

dreamtheater872183d ago

So Max puts on a brightly coloured shirt and goes to Brazil, so what? Were you disappointed that AC3 is set during the American Revolution and not during the renaissance in Italy?

It's like some gamers just don't want to ever be suprised or embrace something new. I love that they're taking it to new and exciting places. They've done dark and grimey NYC in 2 games already, I want something fresh! It'll still be Max. It'll still have the film noir monologue. A change of scenery doesn't automatically make it a bastardisation of the source material.

I personally am very excited for MP3. The advances in animation tech are particularly exciting.

user54670072183d ago

"So Max puts on a brightly coloured shirt and goes to Brazil, so what? Were you disappointed that AC3 is set during the American Revolution and not during the renaissance in Italy?"

What do you mean "so what", because it dosen't fit with the Max we've come to know in the past too games, it dosen't suit his style and the fact that he dosen't look like himself is horriable especialy when you have to keep reminding yourself that's him. As for the Assassins Creed thing.....what a horriable example, those games are known to change settings and characters for each game, hell even the AC2 spin offs with Ezio showed a differen't personality as he got older.

People don't like to embrace something new when there was nothing wrong with the way a game was going before. If it had been a game which was up to it's 6/7th game then fair enough maybe they would need to try something new but when it hasn't even had a tirlogy yet and people love the things in the game which made the first two games great why bother to change it.

Just because they've done that gritty, grimey NYC setting dosen't mean it will get old. Max Payne 1&2 were done last gen, with the tec this gen has to offer it would make NY look fresh and exciting while still keeping what made MP...Max Payne.

"A change of scenery doesn't automatically make it a bastardisation of the source material"

But if you read the article it's not just the hair or clothes it's everything, right down to the atmosphere it's presenting in the game.

I bet your one of these people who think the ugly looking dmc reboot is only getting complaints because of the "hair"

It's fine that you like where MP is going but please remember that not everyone is on the same boat.

ShaunCameron2183d ago

That's only because it's no longer set in New York. The fact that it's being set in Sao Paolo, Brazil is why I'm checking for MP3.

aviator1892183d ago

I wish remedy never sold the rights to the franchise.. :(

JakemanPS319942183d ago

This was terribly written! Oh no alot of day light scenes! It must not be hour!! Also its not developed by the same people its developed by rockstar Vancouver, not remedy. I swear people can't make there mind with games.

Johnny_Cojones2183d ago

"It’s rather astounding to see a game that looks so unlike its predecessors, despite being developed by the same people."


Remedy is not the developer of Max Payne 3.

I also can't help but suspect that even if it was Remedy developing, & they stuck with the same formula, people would instead be complaining about a lack of innovation & multiplayer.

NYC_Gamer2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Not really since there haven't been many games released with the same style as Max Payne....Remedy really did wonderful with the franchise i still play part 1&2 often because of the dark noir plus the gritty streets of ny..

Braid2183d ago

It's going to be a good action game for sure but is it a good Max Payne game? That I'm not sure about.

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