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Battlefield 3 - Real-Life Video makes fun of BF3's 'Need Ammo' and 'Flashlight' Issues

DSOGaming writes: "You’ve definitely been in that awkward situation where you’ve been left without ammo in BF3. And, naturally, you’ve already encountered teamates that were unwilling to co-operate with you. Those newbies were not giving you any ammo and sometimes, they were even blinding you with their flashlights. Well, YouTube’s member ‘CooperationDeLee’ uploaded a real life video that makes fun of these issues. It looks good, albeit a little slow-paced. Still, it’s a hilarious take and we’re sure that you will enjoy it"

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finbars751546d ago

Not bad but so true.Last night I was playing and I was constantly asking for ammo and bam both of us killed because i was busy blowtorching him to not notice the guy behind us.LOL.Im glad I can relate to this video on a daily basis.

Red_eyes_Gremlin1546d ago

hahah loved the video - That is EXACTLY how it is in bf3 online. EXACTLY !

You stand and scream ammo 5 times just to get knifed in the back second later just because you get angry and let one round of so EVERY one on map can see you, And you are STILL out of ammo xD.

Love the guys going by on the forklift in the end hahaha.

GirlsGeneration1546d ago

lol That was awesome. It's kind of true i've had that problem sometimes as well

john21546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

bet that all gamers got the need ammo and flashlight 'issues'. Lol

ps3rider1546d ago

Yes i even asked my self why friendly flashlight is shown hehehe, i had the same moments. nice video