Kratos vs. Parappa in a Battle Royale

Gamespot: "We get a demo for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale."

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Snookies122002d ago

Nifty video, I'm surprised Nathan Drake wasn't a playable character in the demo. o_o Would think he'd be one of the first characters put into the game lol.

Afterlife2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Same but the funny thing about that is. Paul Gale went into specifics with 7 characters on November last year and 6 of them of revealed, the last one was Nathan Drake. I just find that suspicious. Sony saw it and went with those but decided to hold Drake for E3?

"Nathan Drake’s moves involve him punching up close, but for most of his attacks, he’s an all-range fighter: he uses a pistol, grenade, and rifle. He’ll probably be the character that most resembles Solid Snake from Brawl. His Level 1 bar attack is him pushing over a statue onto his opponents. His Level 3 super is turning enveryone into defenseless monsters where he can then beat them up. His recovery move is a zipline."

Nitrowolf22002d ago

Yep looks like he was completely right about it all

ANIALATOR1362002d ago

saying that Nathan Drake is most like Snake from Smash Bros makes me think Snake won't be in Playstation All Stars. He seriously needs to be in it with like a super move where he starts off as old snake and he pulls out some regain and drinks it to become young snake.

Outside_ofthe_Box2002d ago

Wow, He was actually correct. I guess next time he spills out info, it'll be in our best interest to trust it this time around.

Omar912002d ago

this is based off the link afterlife put out- "If you fall/get knocked off a stage without recovering back onto it, you’ll die. On stages without ledges, you’ll die by a big enough attack or enough back-to-back damage (or environmental death)."

Does that mean that there could possibly be other modes besides KO only wins? I hope so because I would be disappointed if the game only had matches where you need to KO someone with a super.

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NukaCola2002d ago

I love that the Buzz question popped up and where you stand is your answer. I wonder what you get if you answer it correctly? The time was counting down so I wonder if it was sort of skipped. I got to say the interaction of these levels are amazing. Just form what I saw, I am sold. I really am curious to see what they have in store for E3.

problemchild842002d ago

Agreed. Have you seen the Killzone jetpack part yet? Looks pretty cool, I think (hope) there is going to be a lot of cool little things in the game like that.

princejb1342002d ago

i want this game NOW sony TAKE MY MONEY
looks awesome
the only ting i dislike at this moment is the stupid stamina bar which you have to build up to get specials, and also the specials is the only way to get a kill
yea thats pretty retarded
i hope they change this

Ace_Pheonix2001d ago

That's like saying "The only thing I don't like is the entire concept of the game we've seen so far"

calibann2002d ago

Nathan Drake isn't exactly a legendary Playstation icon since he's only been on the Ps3. I'd pick Jak And Daxter, Raziel, Solid Snake, Spyro, Lara Croft before Nathan Drake.

Snookies122002d ago

But I'm saying... This is the PS3 gen, and Drake has been like the flagship character for Playstation during this generation. That's mainly why I would have thought he would be the first we'd see, or at least in the demo lol.

Trust me, I hope we see Jak and Daxter, Raziel, Kain, Snake, Spyro, Lara, and plenty others as well.

Marceles2002d ago

Even Crash Bandicoot...hell he's the original mascot

calibann2001d ago

Ah yes I see your point. I'm from the ps2/ps1 era so Nathan Drake doesn't really strike me as iconic playstation. I don't know any of these new era characters.

Maddens Raiders2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Parappa & Kratos were around long before Nathan Drake. Just sayin'.

2001d ago
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Arnagrim2002d ago

Is it just me or did anyone else keep confusing Parappa's hat with Lucas's hair from Smash Bros?

smashcrashbash2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Wait a second. Did anyone else notice what I did? The white lines that people keep complaining about isn't around the players all the time. It must be some sort of effect that signifies something happening like a power up or something.Look carefully and especially at the characters at the beginning and during the match. The white outline comes and goes. See what I say about jumping to conclusions?

@ Nitrowolf2. I guess some of us owe him an apology. Next time he says something I guess we can trust it to be true.

basilezz30302002d ago

i noticed it too
good eye man

Mikhail2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

The white lines are indicator that you have a special ready. Its not present when you have no special. More information at Neogaf. They compiled everything there. Just ignore the trolls of Sony and Ninty fanboys.

Its funny that people complain about it before they read the preview. *Looking at Neogaf*

-Alpha2002d ago

Probably has to do with those power balls that you can beat out of opponents

GraveLord2002d ago

The white outline determines your super level.
I think the higher your super level, the more you glow.

No Super Level - No Glow

Outside_ofthe_Box2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Also, the graphics looks good in this vid as well. There were several people complaining about the graphics being PS2/Wii like.

And compared to other vids this one looked even less like a SSB game compared to the bits we've only been able to see before (not to say that it still doesn't look like a SSB clone).

Like you said people need to stop jumping to conclusions and just wait for more roster and gamplay details to come out.

kaveti66162002d ago

I guess so, but when Sly Cooper leaps down and lands on the ground in the beginning, his right foot disappears into the ground.

And this particular level lacks a significant lighting source so the character shadows are simple and round and directly underneath the bodies for the most part. But I do think Sweeth Tooth's flames on his head cast shadows so that's impressive. Complex shadows are also cast by bright move effects like the bursts of light that occur during an attack.

The art styles for Sony games are very diverse, which is good, but taking the players out of their natural elements and putting them in these types of arenas really seems strange. At least with Nintendo, a lot of their games have similar, cartoony styles so they seem to fit well with one another. Kratos and Parappa seem very unfitting together.

And that damn LBP editor box needs to go. Stop taking up screen space for no reason.

AdmiralSnake2002d ago

I compared this to SSB... it looks way better than that game visual wise.

I have no idea why people say such utter NONSENSE. Go on youtube and check them both side by side, clearly see the visuals on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal are significantly better than SSB.

I hope Sony allows us to create our own levels in this game though. Play Create and share will work really well for this game.

pain777pas2002d ago

This game will be on the PS Vita aswell. Omar has made mental corrections repeatedly when he speaks about this game. Sony has some great titles this year for everyone. Karting, Battle Royal and Last of us. I just hope that the Vita does not get left out even though there is MK and Burning skies this month the Gravity Rush next month but other than that Vita titles are scarce. Has LBP release date been announced or Killzone..........

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ANIALATOR1362002d ago

makes me even more excited being able to hear kratos "Rawwwr!" as he kicks the shit out of the opponents

TheFallenAngel2002d ago

Yeah I was the same. Parappa looks really fun to play too lol his moves are funny.

Relientk772002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Nice video, u see a title screen, part of the level select screen, and the screen after the game ends and u see all the scores and who got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th places. Seeing more of the game then ever before :)