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Skyrim's Revenge of the Snow Prince DLC to be Announced Soon's Dean Martin looks through the hidden files in the latest Skyrim update and comes up with the best possible scenario for the first DLC package. Perusing through Elder Scroll's lore, we can find more information about the Snow Elves and the mysterious Snow Prince.

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Community1975d ago
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DeleteThisxx1975d ago

Thank god it's snow and not water ;)


LightofDarkness1975d ago

Can't we get something about the Dwemer? Like finding out what happened to them, seeing as their structures are dotted throughout and they're often alluded to in the lore of Skyrim.

Drake1171975d ago

I actually kind of wish the dlc wasn't even in skyrim. They need to add some new locations lol ones without snow and maybe more mysterious. Like morrowind or a daedric plane in oblivion like shivering isles but a dif god.

DragonKnight1975d ago

Why do people not read the books in the games and the wikis? We already know what happened to the Dwemer.


They are responsible for their own non-existence. They found the Heart of Lorkhan, and in an attempt to use it to make themselves immortal gods, they wiped themselves out of existence. Only one single Dwemer, who was in another realm at the time, was spared from this. But that's what happened. There is no mystery about where they are, they wiped themselves out since Lorkhan was the Aedra that created Nirn and all life on it and thus the race that tampered with his Heart would be the one to be wiped from existence.


jthamind1975d ago

"Why do people not read the books in the games"

oh, idk....maybe because if i want to read a book, then i'll turn the game off and read one? if i put a game in, i want to PLAY it.

DragonKnight1975d ago

And yet it's stupidity like what you just said that leads to endless recitations of the request "Can we find out what happened to the Dwemer?" It's idiocy. Even if you don't read the books in the game, if you're a fan of the series and want to know about its world and its lore, you look up the information somewhere. Or else all you can really say is you're a fan of open world RPG's and it doesn't matter what world it is or what game it is, you'll play any of them as long as they are open world.

There is no mystery about what happened to the Dwemer. If people are too lazy to actually find out what happened to them, that's their own stupid fault. But playing it off and saying "I don't play these games to read books" merely contributes to your own ignorance and shows how much of a "fan" you are NOT of the world.

snipes1011975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

That's a horrible excuse. By their nature, RPG's are games that expect more from the player than just simple observation. It is up to the player to dig a little deeper into the game than what it shows you at face value.

Hell, when you play an RPG, you spend hours listening to dialog, reading stat menus, and paying attention to what is unfolding in the story. With all of the attention you are already giving the game, how is it too much to ask that you pic up one of the 5 page books and leaf through it for 2 minutes?

EDIT: There are actually books that are specifically about their history.

KeiserSosay47881975d ago

"Reading...It's just too hard." LOL

Pinkamena_Diane_Pie1975d ago

That's one theory... another is that they became the flesh of their God.

SITH1974d ago

100% agree dragonknight, it is all right there in the game already. I answered so many questions just by reading a in-game book.

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user54670071975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

The thing is about this Snow Prince idea....are they really the bad guys, I mean as the Falmer they are but wanting to get revenge for his people is understandable after what the Dwemer did to them. I havent read up on it alot but the Snow elves wern't evil, they were just tricked by the Dwemer.

Shame you couldn't restore the race to what they used to be like, then when the next Elder Scrolls comes out your actions has made it so in the number of years which has passed the Snow Elves are now a common race. It would even be possible that you can even select them as a new race you could play as

-Doctor-BD1975d ago

How's he supposed to get revenge if he's dead?

Xenial1975d ago

They did mention resurrection or going back in time. You read?

-Doctor-BD1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

I did read it...
"Could we see some kind of
ritual whereby the Falmer
resurrect the snow prince"
I forgot that part. :-)

danieldeath1975d ago

I haven't completed the Main quest yet....

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