Burnout Paradise Q&A: It's Showtime; New Trailer and Screens

Speed is an essential quality in driving games. Without it, you might as well be taking a Sunday drive in the family Yugo. However, with the Burnout series, developer Criterion Games has added another ingredient that has become just as important as eye-bleeding speed: crashes. The Burnout series has set new standards for snarling, metal-bending, explosive crashes over the years, and the upcoming Burnout Paradise is no exception to that rule. In fact, apart from its open-world nature and seamless online experience, Paradise will be aiming to bring crashes to the next level thanks to the new crash-anywhere, -anytime "showtime" mode. For more details on this fun new way of experiencing Burnout, GameSpot contacted Nick Channon, producer for the game.

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MK_Red3995d ago

Nice find. Too lazy ATM to read the Q&A but the trailer is cool.