The 10 Greatest Modes of Transportation in Videogame History

Dorkly writes: Getting around in games can be a hassle. Just like in real life, it’s nice to have a faster option so that you don’t always have to trudge through Mt. Moon one step at a time, fending off Zubats. Unlike real life, you don’t have to settle for a used ’96 Toyota Corolla. Here are the 10 greatest modes of transportation in videogame history.

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TheLyonKing2211d ago

Not really a mode of transport but back when i played mystical ninja on the 64 i used to litrally go everywhere worming on my belly, ahhh memories.

Pokemon was a good one though i never understood back in the red/blue days why when you used surf no matter what your pokemon, it would turn into a seal.

Good List :)

smoothdude2211d ago

No mention of plumber pipes? Also how is a bike greater than Yoshi? Oh well everyone has opinions.