Almost... Lost

Twidling thumbs until the 360-exclusive hits the shelves: It won't be long now before Lost Odyssey is on the shelves and in our Xbox 360s where it belongs. Mistwalker's richly detailed RPG is slated for a US release on the 12th of next month, but in the meantime, keep your eyes glued to GamesRadar for an exclusive look at the lush epic. If you just can't wait that long for a fix, head on over to CVG for some beautiful character and environment renders to tide you over 'til next month.

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marionz3696d ago

didnt this get bad jap reviews?

socomnick3696d ago

Think it got 1 less point than blue dragon on famitsu but im buying first day anyway its been out a while in Japan so im sure most of the complaints are fixed already.

ichimaru3696d ago

the japanses sales were good

General Pinky3696d ago

coming out to early for me...needs to finish off Blue dargon first...and the other games which are pissing me off.

heavyarms3696d ago

I may get this if the reviews are good.