Mortal Kombat on PS Vita has no AR-Features

Two month ago, a trailer of Mortal Kombat for PlayStation Vita showed AR-Features in the Game. That is not present in the final version.

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SandWitch1463d ago

AR in gaming is just a cheap gimmick IMO. It's fun for the first 10 minutes

MasterCornholio1463d ago

Especially when the camera quality is terrible. I can't stand AR on the Vita because of it.


user77927881463d ago

I remember watching a interview or demo or something and the dude said that AR features are available but only in practice/training mode


SubZeroMaster1463d ago

you sure? im pretty sure i saw that same video

Jason1431463d ago

find out tuesday..This story is pure speculation. they dont have a copy of the game so consider a reach for hits.

Waldi1463d ago

they have a copy of the game and have this also reviewed