Warner: No Payoff for Move to Blu-ray

Warner Home Entertainment President Kevin Tsujihara says the studio took no pay-offs to exclusively back Blu-ray.

"This [decision] was one hundred percent around what makes the most sense for the consumer, the retailer and the industry. This was not a bidding war. This was all about what was best, strategically, for us."

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Meus Renaissance3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

I think I speak for most when I say this but the rumour about this, and the dismissive reaction Blu-Ray owners/fans have had towards it is not based on the possibility that the BDA had to open their cheque book; as we've all had a glimpse into this industry over the past few weeks, we begin to realise that money is probably passed around on a daily occurrence to ensure long-term profits/benefits.

What causes the dismissive attitude is probably the reason why this rumour is being fanned in the wind; to put a stain and a negative spotlight on Blu-Ray to blind people from its recent dominance, so it saves face from HD-DVD. In a sense, discrediting Sony's and the rest of the BDA's victory here.

I go on forums and you won't believe the amount of hate Sony and WB are getting because of this; these people sincerely have believed that HD-DVD was winning the format war, that their purchases and support have been ignored by WB for a large sum of money. They are not aware of the actual comparison between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD in sales figures as of late.

They didn't see this coming. A comparison would be, imagine - with all the success the BDA has had - that Warner and everyone else just left them tomorrow and went HD-DVD exclusive. That's the level of the shock factor this has had to many. And this ofcourse, from some levels, inspires and motivates the idea that they've been cheated.

This is the unspoken fact about people's differing reaction to this rumour. Some want to believe it and others feel insulted by it.

Adamalicious3992d ago

I think most of the vitriol comes from early adopters of HD-DVD who feel like if they make enough noise on the internets then their investment might not go to waste. Laying aside the technology for a minute - I've never really thought that HD-DVD had much chance with Sony and Disney in the BDA. Back to the technology - I know that feature-wise the formats aren't identical at this point, but I have also always liked that BR is significantly larger, and I don't think I'm alone. Stakeholders want a new format to last a good while - like DVD has done - and extra space sure isn't going to hurt a few years down the line.

Omegasyde3992d ago

Why do I have a feeling I will see dozen's of "MGS4 for the 360" topics in the next 24 hours.

O I know, certain HD DVD adopters run out of rumors/speculation/information and try and attack the ps3.

rbanke3992d ago

I couldnt agree more.

uxo223992d ago

I honestly think that WB jumped ship soley for business purposes. There's no such thing as loyalities in the business world. Although businesses was us to be loyal customers, they have shown time and time again that big business goes where the money is.

Hypothetically if there was a wierd turn of events and HD DVD founds itself being the majority again, I feel that WB and every other money hungry company would jump ship again, and again, and again.

But, even if WB was paid off, does anyone honestly expect them to publically admit it?

ROFLatYoFace3992d ago

The fact of the matter is of the 42 billion annual gross that comes from movies warner makes 20%(8.4 billion) annually, and with hd media(blu-ray) costing more than DVDs, dont you think Warner would one to jump on an HD-Media to make more money?
Another thing, how come its okay for Hd-Dvd to pay off everybody(warner, Universal, Paramount) but its not okay for Blu-ray to pay of movie companies?

As I demonstrated, they never got bribed, they just made a wise decission that will pay off in billions, but why is it okay in the eyes of HD-DVD to bribe everybody, but Blu-Ray can't do the same?

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Adamalicious3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

guess I shouldn't have posted it here first

way to poach a story!

EDIT: I'm retarded.
Sincerely, me

Meus Renaissance3992d ago

I actually poached it off someone else who posted that link waaay before you did. ;)

Adamalicious3992d ago

Oh snap! You're right! I scanned through for links but I missed it. I knew I heard about it the other day on WebbAlert, I was surprised that it hadn't made it on here already.

I don't really care about the points anyway, just giving you a hard time man :). That and I wanted people to know that the payoff thing is BS.

Meus Renaissance3992d ago

Dont worry though, I'm scanning through your comments to see if there are things I can poach off you, so you won't feel left out.

_Jedge3992d ago

Well even if they didn't get paid off, it is still a good move by Warner Bros

Tru2U3992d ago

sorry. I couldn't resist.......

HondaSIRowner3992d ago

Toshiba is messed up!

they are confusing the consumers and stalling this "HD future" of entertainment.

M$ stop paying Uni and Par, if they want to go Blu, let them go Blu. F**k!

uxo223992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

That's funny BD didn't pay WB to go blu, however MS is paying Para and Uni. not to go blu. See how hypocritical that sounds. What a double standard. So childish.

T-Virus3992d ago

This is a duplicate post from Jan 4th. Is this site getting that bad?

BenzMoney3992d ago

Have you been living under a rock? Seriously you didn't just notice this now.

I don't blame Meus at all. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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