Sony: Fewer, but more significant firmware updates

"Many of our upgrades have offered tremendous value to our users so I think they appreciate getting these new features as soon as they are ready," Eric Lempel said during an interview with Next-Gen. "We're certainly going to continue to plan on combining features so we can roll out fewer, but more significant firmware updates.

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Relcom3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

if something serious need to be fixed. I would hope they would release a patch for it like they useally do.

Lifendz3992d ago

1) in game XMB. I want to add friends while in game and I want to know I can listen to the library of music while playing GTA IV.

2) enough with the install nonsense. Get it so it does it automatically and preferably does it in the background.

3) Turn off the file preview. I have some pictures of Vida Guerero that I'd rather my GF didn't see. With the friggin file preview I can't hide them if I wanted too.

paul_war3993d ago

I don't mind, it was getting a little annoying having to download & instal an update only to find its only affect was with US PS3's or something.

mighty_douche3993d ago

I've had it since launch and im not sure how manys theres been, but its not like i ever really seem to be waiting for one. The just seem to pop up and im thank for for any possible free upgrade to my investment.

Meus Renaissance3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Give us in-game messaging and you'll have no other demands from the userbase. That's all we want.

What do we get?

A voice changer lol

_Jedge3993d ago

i agree with you. I was playing COd4 at a friends house and i was annoyed from the chipmunk noises.

They will get to develope in game xmb. Sony won't release it till later cause they probably want to integrate it into HOME.

Ri0tSquad3993d ago

I remember when people were begging for the wallpaper feature. It'll always be something. After in-gaming messaging I expect in-game soundtracks next.

PSWe603993d ago

If you guys will just give us the in game XMB menu that'd pretty much do it for me and nearly everyone else

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The story is too old to be commented.