Gates: 360 To Be the Most Reliable Console Available

Kotaku, Thu Jan 10 2008, by Brian Crecente:

The BBC News had a sit down with Bill Gates at CES recently and instead of asking him their own questions, they asked him their viewers. This gem, the first in the Q&A video, asked Gates about the hardware issues that have plagued the Xbox 360, almost since launch.

BBC: We've had a lot of questions from people who weren't really happy with the kind of service they've been getting from Xbox in the last few years... What are you going to do to ensure that new consoles are more reliable than previous versions?

Gates: Well we certainly had to apologize to our uses about a number of box that had to be replaced. We did that for free for all of those people, we've gotten a lot of positive feedback about the way we handled it. We've got incredible reliability on the new work we've done. Our commitment is that it will be the most reliable video game box out there. People really love the Xbox because of the content, but we've got to make sure that the hardware never stands in the way of that.

Later in the interview he was asked about Vista and the possibility of releasing a version that would be no-frills, but still support game playing.

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wil4hire3966d ago

I want to see everyone say 'yes, the 360 is the most reliable hardware'

toughNAME3966d ago

you are the biggest xbot. ever.

BrianC62343966d ago

Bwahahahaha. This funny. Billy boy, you're too much.

marionz3966d ago

go away trolls, dont come back till you have gone through puberty
if sony had such issues tell me what you think they would have doen, also do you really think MS wouldnt fix the hardware after having such huge issues?

it was well handled nomatter how you look at it, no im not loyal to one console and no ive never had the ring of death

TheXgamerLive3966d ago

Get lost loser, stop trolling all Xbox 360 news.

Please, your pathetic just like those other loser sony trolls, and no I don't mean all sony fans either I just mean the pathetic losers like yourself.

Why don't you and Dark sniper go have a meaningful conversation together, that should fill about 30 seconds of dead air time.

ELite_Ghost3966d ago

how is the 360 the most reliable, first, they say hdmi and 1080p are useless, then then make 360s with hdmi ports, then new skus come out every 6 months, does that sound like a reliable console?
Everytime someone buys a console, a better one is announced.
That's not being reliable...

Genuine3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

The story should be titled "The 360 is going to be the Most Reliable Console.". Whoever wrote the article purposefully skewed what Mr. Gates said. Read the story for yourself.

The XBOT3965d ago

The simple extract of thi story is: The 360 had an issue and it has been fixed and now is a much reliable console. Stop playing with your tiny 14 year old pubes and start learning how to read and understand articles written in simple English. Now with that headstart, MS has established a great headstart on the sony fanbaase which has really switched things around since the ps2 days. Infact, the ps3 is in trouble because of this fact.

If I had power, I would change this sites name from n4g to

mikeslemonade3965d ago

You got that wrong because MS hasn't fixed the faulty hardware yet. The falcon chipped 360s with HDMI still RRoD. RRoD isn't the only hardware issue the 360 has. There's been people who got another issue other than the RRoD and are asked to pay money to fix them, Bill Gates calling it free for everyone is not true.

"Well we certainly had to apologize to our uses about a number of box that had to be replaced. We did that for FREE for all of those people, we've gotten a lot of positive feedback about the way we handled it."\

And how will 360 ever be the most reliable since the PS3 and Wii have no well known hardware issues. At best the 360 can only tie with the PS3 and Wii.

BWS19823965d ago

Bill spoke of his goal, he didn't make a claim of the present state of reliability.

"Our commitment is that it will be the most reliable video game box out there."

I think it may be a stretch to make it the most reliable simply because a lot of it is the connotation. It all has been word of mouth, MS will have more work than tech work to fix this. Xbox 360 hardware has a bad rap and they have to fix that, which is much more work. Even if they got failure rates down to half of the PS3, who'd believe it? It'd take a while to shake this mess from people's minds....

JBaby3433965d ago

Usually your comments are completely stupid and not worth hearing anyway but this time you actually said something notable. For that I give you an agree. Try to keep it up.

mikeslemonade3965d ago

That's not a realistic goal since the PS3 and Wii have no problems, so at best bill gates can only hope for a tie. And from the looks of it the 360 RRoD and other faulty issues are going to stay for a while because if this was an easy fix it should have been fixed by now.

robep33965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

So obviously Bill has given up his position with MS to become a stand up comedian and that first one he has cracked is a belter most reliable
Best console/grill OR best console/room heater but never most reliable!!!

LOL at 1.7 above xbot and he has the cheek to call others droids LOL


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toughNAME3966d ago

MS fukced up early and they fukced up big

but getting a replacement 360 is the easiest thing and its free

there spending billions on gotta give credit where credit is due

Orange3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

the downtime and hassle don't bother you? i can't imagine it's so easy that it's not a hassle.

whengeeksgobad3966d ago

RRoD shouldn't have happened. If people would read the damned article, you can tell he's not saying they offer the most reliable console ever. This headline is taken out of context with the interest of flamebait. And either way, *I think Bill may be a lil' biased* so who cares if he heaps praise on to the 360, its expected.

Omegasyde3966d ago

They sort of had to since 33% is actually grounds for a massive recall.

If they didn't Microsoft would of lost more money in replacing broken consoles with brand new ones + Lawsuit.

I will however give Props on the times it takes to fix and return my xbox.

Gaara_7243966d ago

when phoneing up to them you are on the phonefor AGES you basicly pay for the repair and a lil extra

BISHOP-BRASIL3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

I love how businessmen talk about replacement, recall and other legal costumers' rights like they are doing you a favor... They trade all flawed units for free? Really? Like they have any other option...

But I disagree on that credit for MS, toughNAME.

The problem here is, 360 fails wasn't was simple manufacture errors, was design flaws.

Said that, the right path was, once discovered the problem, MS have to stop selling 360 on that design, notify 360 owners, make a new design and then recall and put this new design on the market.

When the user base becomes larger, this turns to be impracticable (thank MS negligence for that, they never admit the project flaw, not even after coming with a new design, falcon. Don't admit so you don't have to trade all, cudos to that?) then they come with this replacements plan.

Indeed, the free replacement with a cover of 3 years have almost same practical effect than the recall, but all the waste of time 'till this new policy brings tons of headaches to those that have to pass a good time without their consoles - to the point some decide to just buy another one, not wait for replacement - and still let other people with they 360 that still working but can potentially fail anytime, even after these 3 years. Not to say the old stocks that never was returned, so you can buy a old 360 unaware even now and all those people that could anytime decide to sell their used 360 to buy a Elite or other console or whatever, letting the new owner with that hot potato.

Not even touching the fact that there is complains even on the new ones, but I'll not get into that, I don't know anyone with a falcon to say where the complains are true or fake.

dantesparda3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Replacing your 360 is the easiet thing ever? and "give Props on the times it takes to fix and return my xbox."

Are you two stupid or what? So having your system gone for a month or so is nothing? And having the system break down on you more than once is nothing? Or having to waste my time going to UPS or worrying about being home so i dont miss them? I dont need any of that sh!t! Maybe you two idiots dont mind, but i sure as hell do. And this talk of better reliability is bullsh!t too. My roommate bought his 360 in Aug and it freezes up on him all the time and sounds so loud its rdidculous! (its got the Hitachi drive in it). And my other friend (who just recently sold his 360) bought his in Oct, and it was freezing up like crazy too. And that box makes alot of noise too (although not like my rommates) and its got the BenQ drive in it. So they aint that reliable yet.

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Relcom3966d ago

GOod one Mr. Gates seein as Live is fuked and RRoD is alive and well.

ruibing3966d ago

Tomorrow we are going to hear Pres Bush announce the U.S. economy in its greatest state ever.

3966d ago
adalwolfe3965d ago

RROD is alive an well?!

You do realize that RROD is just a generic error report right? its always going to be there to indicate there is a system problem when there is problem, it could be anything from someone having the video cable not seated correctly to someone sticking the console beside their fireplace when gaming until it over heats. The new chipset released has fixed the overheating gpu issue which caused the majority of RRODs. And also Microsoft is giving a free 3 year warranty to cover any future over heating issues. They have dealt with this issue 6 mths ago, the only people bringing it up still are the sony fanboys grasping for negative things they can say about the superior gaming console.

Even with xbox live messed up over the last week, its still not as slow as the PSN is when it is running properly.

poos33965d ago

50% of rrod cases are made up by rabid ps3tards as u can see from this site when starved of games these creaturs become reslease and whne another years is upon us and they are still starved of games these creatures becom I AM LEGEND TYPE CREATURES and become an epedemic that need a vacine the 360 until they get this vacine they fumme from the mouth will not having a real lifes but hididng in the dark room called their house

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HarryEtTubMan3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Bill Gates + Vista, Zune, Xbox 360 + RROD+ HD DVD = DISASTER

*de de de*(Mind of Mencia) I can read. I never said I couldnt. ^^^^^^^^^ This is what I said and it is VERYYYYY true.

"No wonder Ps3 fanboys chose the ps3 - they can't read."
You obviously aren't smart enough to make witty comments... I would just stop. That was a horrible, not funny comment.

kevoncox3966d ago

No wonder Ps3 fanboys chose the ps3 - they can't read. hello, the article says they want to make it the most relaible. Wow so much ownage.....

demolitionX3966d ago

u're a brainwashed bot! after the product hits the market for more than 2 years, now he wants 360 the most reliable console!!??? WOW!!! you don't c it tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo late to say that!

kevoncox3966d ago

No, Actually I do see it. MS was served the fate they were served. They rushed to get the 360 out to give them the best chance to win this year. They have tried to sddr the issue that has PLAGUED they system. What did sony do about the DRE? Ignore it. The RROD is more widespread than the DRE ever was but MS has been great to me in the Customer service portion of things( never got a RROD yet). You seem to be blind to the back that all your other fanboys are saying he claimed that it is the most reliable. Did you forget to read the article just like them? It's not to late to try and turn the product around. The Psx was a peice of sh*t but did anyone care after they started to fix all the consoles with a faulty disc drive? Then they did the same thing with the ps2? My point is as long as the 360 is the must have console and MS fixes the problem, it won't matter because the appr 4 million consoles with RROD fails in comparison to the 150 million console gamers still left to purchase a system( going off last gens sales) I don't see how you could take offense to me making fun of people for not reading an article. Take off the Sony shades.

jack who3966d ago

bill you will be misssed.