IGN - PlayStation All-Stars Characters and Stages

IGN - Sony's take on Smash Bros. is a mashup of games from LittleBigPlanet to God of War. Here are the stages and characters we know about.

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smashcrashbash1723d ago

Can't wait to see what other stages they combine and the 3 moves each character has.

die_fiend1723d ago

Am I the only person who things the gameplay looks way too close to smash bros? I thought Sony preferred to innovate, but this looks like a shameful rip-off. If it's an HD version of smash tho, I'm sold!

Kingdom Come1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

As I stated earlier: "According to Patrick Morallis, a journalist for who actually won the press tournament, and all the other GT Journalists that played it, said the game was very mediocre and that it didn't hold it's own against Super Smash Bros. (First topic on this weeks GameTrailers Invisible Walls Podcast: )"

I think it's good that we're finally getting a game like this but I wish it differentiated from Smash Bros. as it won't be able to compete and it's characters don't match the Nintendo gameplay feel...

basilezz30301723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )

"I think it's good that we're finally getting a game like this"
you own ps3 .. ???
that second dude didn't even recognize Radec from Killzone 2 in that ep
look at the comments in your link people are laughing at him
the guy does not have a clue about what he's talking about

THC CELL1723d ago

No body should trust the press any more look at news of the world andpeople will buy this game so you and all ya little friends and press post should just just come sit round the sony fire and sing comb by arr getting sick of little brats trying too hard to down Sony when we should all be enjoying what ever game comes out.

majiebeast1723d ago

Invisible balls.

The only good thing about that entire podcast is when Marcus and Shane get in a fight about the most meaningless things. If you want a good podcast its epic battle cry all the way, and they removed that from gametrailers. Probably because it was 10x better then invisible balls, where its 90% Shane talking before anyone else can even get a word in.

Solid_Snake371723d ago

Yeah lol "that guy from killzone"

Thatguy-3101723d ago

LOL I listened to the podcast and i dont see how sony is going after the nintendo crowd with this game?O.o these guys dont even know whats coming out of their mouth and are just talking without reasoning. This isn't your typical game that you buy just to buy. This is basically a FAN service game for FANS that grew up with the PS franchises. It's evident that some of these guys are just disturb that this game looks exactly like SSBB. At the end, it is what it is and whether it copied it or not this game looks Bad-ass!! Haters are going to hate.

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mobhit1723d ago

Here we go again. There were games that came out before SSB's time. Going by your logic, Nintendo ripped off of those games too.

sjaakiejj1723d ago

The type of gameplay in Smash Bros is not directly connected to Smash Bros itself. The game (or whatever it was based off) defined a fighting subgenre, and whilst not a lot of games are in that subgenre, calling any game within it a "rip-off" is just silly. If you do that, you might as well start calling every platformer, RPG, First Person Shooter, Third Person Shooter and Fighter rip-offs from each other.

Besides, this game is fan-service, so it's not trying to be unique, but it's trying to give fans what they ask for.

GraveLord1723d ago

Yes the game is very similar to Smash Bros. Thatnk You captain obvious.

Us, the Playstation Community, have been asking for this game for years.

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BlackSharinganX1723d ago

never thought of batman before forgot about him lol. also not many mention him from fan articles but i think dantes brother vergil would be awesome if he was there.

Z3R0_2KX1722d ago

I like how Nintendo fans hate on this game already when it's not even close to done yet haters gonna hate I guess.