Mirror's Edge: full-resolution screenshots from DICE's revolutionary FPS

Tiscali Games sports the first two screenshots (not low-res scans, which were posted before) from DICE's upcoming revolutionary FPS Mirror's Edge alongside an explanation. Full translation follows for those that repeatedly complain that site is not in English:

Mirror's Edge swore to revolutionize the way characters move in FPS: that's the premise of the DICE's latest's projects, authors of the Battlefield series. Only now authors have released the first two screenshots.

To understand what's going on, one has to open up the latest issue of Games for Windows magazine, where the game's producer Owen O'Brien explains: "Shooting will play an important role in the game, but Faith will have to rely on her parkour-like movements to survive in the metropole." The screenshot comes from the first level, where she's just finished a rooftop-run and is now sliding down a glass roof while under fire by a police chopper. "It'll feel like the Casino Royale chase scene," adds O'Brien.

To better understand the intuitive controls of the game, it is suggested that you check out the article from EDGE which was reprinted on Next Gen last August.

Hit the link to see the images in full resolution.

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socomnick3967d ago

Assasins creed with guns in first person view. Sweet.

Douche3966d ago

"It'll feel like the Casino Royale chase scene." Now that is definately a statement. Hopefully it's as exciting and interactive as I hope they can make it though. If they worked in some type of system as Assassin's Creed had into this game with it's first person view, it'll be real intense. I could see that happening in a future game like this. Show some gameplay.

GITPWNED3966d ago

Hahah, no. That game is terrible.

MK_Red3967d ago

Looks insanely sweet. Nice find. This game could be the next step in FPS gaming. DICE FTW.

socomnick3967d ago

dice is one of the companies that works with ea that always produces quality stuff.

jaja14343966d ago

Hah! 2142 has been so buggy for so long. I love the game to death but my god all things that can go wrong boggles my eyes.

MK_Red3966d ago

True. DICE is indeed one of the very few good teams that works for EA. As for Battlefield, I prefer 2 over 2142.

candystop3967d ago

This game looks really nice and kind of gives me that wow factor like Halflife 2 did years ago! I really want to see this baby in motion and I wonder if they have some type of new tech were you feel as though you truly are high up in the sky! Nice lighting by the way and I'm glad they are going 1st person!

games4fun3966d ago

at first i saw the tiny images and said so what? then i enlarged them i would love to see those on my tv they are miles better when you expand them and see just how good it is

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The story is too old to be commented.