Report: Was The EA Viral Marketer Telling The Truth?

Gaming Blend "The confessions of an EA viral marketer is a long read but worth it if you have the time. In short, he mentions a few key points in his confession:

1.) EA isn't organic in game creation; they buy up studios to produce a top-selling game for them.
2.) EA is financially unstable despite usually posting record revenues.
3.) EA overspends in marketing and has to scale back by outsourcing.
4.) The higher-ups at EA are not pleased with the sales of Mass Effect 3 or The Old Republic.
5.) EA will acquire another firm soon and gamers won't be pleased."

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NYC_Gamer2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

EA is still a bad publisher who restricts studios from being creative in order to make profit....just look at all the studios/franchises that EA ruined since brought them......TOR must not be doing so well look at all the half off discounts every weekend....

Amazingmrbrock2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

It's cyclical in most creative industries, the film industry goes through a big financial collapse every 30-50 years. The big studio's overspend and don't make enough then the whole thing shrinks back and gets filled by indie film makers. Then it starts growing again. Kind of a three steps forward two steps back kind of dance.

It's very likely that the games industry will work on a similar cycle. Possible shorter as the first collapse was in the eighties and it already half looks like ones priming up.

Ea's a house of cards that's been on the trend the article points out for years. Activision gets most of their revenue from cod and wow. Either one of those games taking a substantial drop in revenue would likely panic investors.

If say the next cod game sells less than mw3 when it comes out, shareholders will jump ship. Thats how stocks go get off at the highest point, it wouldn't kill activision by any means but it would force them to change tactics.

If acti took a stock dive it would probably ripple in different ways through the whole industry. Some companies would also take stock hits, others would go up.

It's bound to happen at some point, standard economics.

basilezz30302149d ago

are by far the worst you can see in gaming
and yet some people still trust them

vortis2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )


Crytek says DX11 on Xbox 360 PS3?


Enough said.

TekoIie2149d ago

I trust devs based on their games. Not their promoises or what they say publicly. But as soon as i played the Crysis 2 demo i refused to buy it. Any dev which adds in COD features (killstreaks) doesnt deserve my money. If i wanted to play COD i would go and buy it, not some half ass'd wannabe.

Getowned2148d ago

Down with the system!!! RAHH!!!!

Dark112149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

"EA will acquire another firm soon and gamers won't be pleased."


vortis2149d ago

EA don't got enough cash to buy Valve.

Valve is worth more than EA and actually has the capital to buyout EA. Google it up and laugh at how the pro-consumer company is now worth more than the pro-greed company.

IronFistChinMi2149d ago

Did Rockstar renew their publishing deal with Take2? Along with Remedy, they're probably the only studio EA could buy now, that would piss me off.

FarCryLover1822149d ago

Yes, they're with Take-two until 2014 I believe. Even if that ever expires, R* won't sell to a company like EA.

TekoIie2149d ago

not a bad job though when you think about it lol.

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