This is the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 logo

Take a look at the actual logo/key art piece for the next Call of Duty, which confirms rumors and can finally be seen in direct-feed.

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NYC_Gamer2246d ago

Call of Duty fans will go zombie crazy again

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Maddens Raiders2245d ago

fans are going to love this logo.

showtimefolks2245d ago

i think this is the COD that will slow down the sales even more, I think activision looks at COD as madden or any other sports game but what they are failing to realize is that people are starting to get tired of it.

my perdiction is cod will end with this gen, and i am not hating on the game but i think the series is starting to get a lot of fatigue and been there done that. COD is a good game borderline great game i just don't want activision to do the same to COD what they did to guitar hero

also EA will put on another great advertisement campaign.

medal of honor sold 5 million when it launched 2 years ago

BF3 sold 11 plus million against COD

so this new MOH is suppose to do great and maybe what 12-15 million? and imagine GTA 5 if that comes out which i don't think will happen. I think these games will take some pie from FPS market

borderlands 2

and if somehow RS can throw their hat in there with GTA 5 than look out

Bobby Kotex2245d ago

Ok COD sucks, but wtf are you saying 'slow down more'? Each year it breaks the record it set from the last year.

ritsuka6662245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

"i think this is the COD that will slow down the sales even more"

MW3 SALES= Modern Warfare 3 Breaks Every Sales Record" http://www.escapistmagazine...

You argument is invalid dude..

matt19912245d ago

@Bobby Kotex
Modern warfare 3 sold less then black ops first week.

showtimefolks2245d ago

Bobby Kotex

plain and simple COD:MW3 sold quite well at launch but has not kept the sales going like black-ops did, i am not saying the next game won't break the record what my point was how long before activisions luck runs out?

How many times can they use the same engine,same set piece explosions and almost identical online before people just start saying meh its another one like every year?

calling someone names don't make you look smart

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jerethdagryphon2246d ago

why shouold we care this year black ops 2 next year cod mw4 then black ops 3 then mw5 then a new cod maybe uban ops or something repeat and add mw becomes future warfare

it goes on and on why bother

same guns same tatics slight improvment on engine but its the same game

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