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G4tv:Top Five Characters We Want to see in Playstation All-Star Battle Royale

These are the top five characters on G4tv's wish list

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Omar911913d ago
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Relientk771913d ago

I hope Crash Bandicoot is in the game, but not just him other characters from the franchise too. The franchise has a lot of great characters

Tiny the Tiger
Ripper Roo
Dr. N Gin
Neo Cortex

jony_dols1913d ago

Activision bought the Crash franchise rights from Sony, so there is a chance they won't be in it.

However if Sony don't include Sir Daniel Fortesque from their own Medievil series, then I ain't buying.

n4gisatroll1913d ago

Technically they brought the rights from Universal. :D

1913d ago
dark-hollow1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

i hope third party characters find their way into the game.

big companies always hold pride in their first party games that may not include third party characters that easily.

even sonic and snake didnt get into SSB that easily.
kojima asked nintendo to include him at first but they refused as how he was more like a playstation character, then kojima had to call sakurai who is a close friend of his and he agreed to include him, in fact he begged him!

and sonic was like the most requested SSB character ever!

hopefully sony is less stubborn than nintendo.

Snookies121913d ago

I honestly don't care who they put in it, so long as the Overlord God, Kevin Butler is a playable character. He will destroy your ass with price cuts, guitar shredding montages, and epic opera music.

NastyLeftHook01913d ago

tommy vercetti vs nathan drake

Smashbro291913d ago

Just get Crash, Spyro, Ratchet and Sly in there.

smashcrashbash1913d ago

Ratchet's stage is already in there so most likely he is there already. If you watch the videos Sly is already in there and Superbot already said third party characters will be part of it too. So Spyro and Crash aren't so far fetched. Their owners just have to agree for Sony to use them.

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