Opinion: Grand Theft Auto V Will Launch On October 9th

Trendy Gamers: With the leak that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be launching on November 13th, this essentially solidifies the day when we can expect to see Grand Theft Auto V and that will be October 9th.

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Dante1121765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Too close to Resident Evil 6 and Bioshock Infinite for me if it did release on that date. I'd rather them release it the same month as CoD since it's the only real big game coming out that month (GTA5 can hold it's own and may even take away sales from CoD).

Shepherd 2141764d ago

so, if it were released in november with Halo 4 and cod then theres two much bigger games than RE6 and Bioshock releasing still. Since the first poster mentioned sales and said cod is novembers only big game for some stupid reason Halo 4 should have been brought up.

Tr10wn1764d ago

^ Remember they don't know what Halo is, if is not on PS3 is not a game, to their eyes of course.

sikbeta1764d ago

So smart, GTA5 release first, get a headstart in sales and in November everything non COD or Halo will flop, RE6 can have moderate sales, but everything else XP

BattleAxe1764d ago

I want this game to release head to head against CoD and Halo. It would destroy both of them.

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Dante1121765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

You're right, still feel like October is a bit too crowded for GTAV's release though. Man, Oct-Dec is gonna be game heavy.

LOGICWINS1765d ago

Lets not forgot Assassin's Creed 3.

h311rais3r1765d ago

Can't wait for halo, assassins creed and gta!

vulcanproject1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Other games would get out the way for GTA5. Only COD would really stand toe to toe with it across all platforms sales wise. GTA4 of course held the fastest sales record of all time before MW2 beat it 18 months later no doubt with no small help from a much bigger install base.

Personally i think the game may end up in Spring 2013 like a lot of you. Although other games would move for GTA5, it is most unlikely that Take Two (knowing their dates) would put Bioshock Infinite just one week after their biggest franchise....

That is surely evidence enough that although there is a gap there, it almost certainly won't be filled by GTA5.

ChrisGTR11764d ago

why is everyone so naive. do you really trust take2 and Rockstar when it comes to releasing games on time. this will be delayed just like every other R* game released in the past 5 years.

anyone remember agent

The_Devil_Hunter1764d ago

Similar to last years Oct - Dec game launches.

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dark-hollow1765d ago

what? imagine cod, gta and halo 4 releasing on the same month!! it would be a chaos!

WetN00dle691764d ago

Id have to go and sell my Kidney to get all three lol

Strange_Evil1764d ago

^^^ You'd sell your kidneys for 180 bucks? Sheez is the economy that bad?

BlmThug1764d ago


I fell to the floor Laughing. And really Noodle? Your kidneys for £120?

showtimefolks1765d ago

Not gonna happen its april,may or june 2013 you can take to the bank.

max payne 3

2 huge titles for take-two so why would they release another one

vortis1765d ago


Why on Earth would Take Two kill ALL sales for BioShock Infinite with GTA V overshadowing it? That's just out right stupid.

scotchmouth1764d ago

Because most gamers can afford to make more than one purchase in a month.

360GamerFG1765d ago

Oh cause halo 4 isn't a big game huh?

b163o11765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

What the hell is Halo?


Moentjers1764d ago

depends for how many % they are targetting the same audience.

CaptainPunch1765d ago

GTA V will be the biggest game in the fall.

Crazyglues1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I think they are hoping to hit with a fall 2012 date but if they can't get it done by then it will slip to early 2013..

-I think that's the real reason they will not announce the date just yet.. Not until they are almost done with the core coding features of the game... once that's done they can lock in how long it will take to finish up the other stuff like graphics on certain things and fine tuning performance and side missions..


BrianG1764d ago

I'm sure they are finished with the "core coding" part of the game. If they weren't we'd be looking at a late 2013/2014 release at the earliest.

The majority of the remaining months leading up to a games release are Alpha/Beta testing to make sure everything runs correctly. I'm sure with games like GTA (more open, plus multiplayer) have longer alpha and beta phases.

Muffins12231764d ago

so which one would you buy...i think everyone would buy gta 5 rather than one that jsut had a game on it less than 2 years ago compared to the almost 4 year gta 4 distance

FACTUAL evidence1764d ago

Almost 4? GTA 4 just turned 4 two weeks ago. GTA5 is coming this year for sure.

YodaCracker1764d ago

Actual, believe it or not, TODAY is GTA IV's fourth birthday. It released on 4/29/2008. Today is 4/29/2012.

gatormatt801764d ago

No way it launches that early in October. GTA 3 launched on Oct. 22 in NA, Vice City launched on Oct. 27, San Andreas launched on Oct. 26, The PSP titles launched even launched in late Oct. I'm sure that GTA IV would've launched in late October if hadn't been delayed. It will either launch on Oct. 23rd or on the 30th IMHO.

MrBeatdown1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Spot on. My money is on the 23rd, that is, if it releases this year at all.

The article is pretty dumb. The idea that Rockstar would plan the release of a game as massive as GTA around the release of Medal of Honor is just downright stupid.

Relientk771764d ago

We keep talking about all these big games coming out, but dont forget the Wii U is also launching in Nov. Thats a big deal as well.

ShabbaRanks1764d ago

GTAV to launch in october ...


joab7771764d ago

It will be pushed back. My guess is may 2013. You know, rockstar month. The one that has proven to work over and ovet. I am pretty sure resident evil and bioshock won't stop it from selling well. It will sell in october, november, december and on& on.

Just remember how many games were supposed to release in 2011. Some still havnt released.

ThichQuangDuck1764d ago

As many logical people state, would not really make sense to release bioshock and GTA same month both being 2k games. Also the fact that max payne got delayed and is launching in 2 weeks would lead me to believe that the best move would be to launch GTA V in 2013. This article is opinion and thus should be labeled as such seeing as in its current state this makes it look officially announced by rockstar until you click it. Despite rumors of them working on it for a while I will let them confirm the release date and details whether that be at E3 which they often do not go to or through a trailer. Let's not let N4G become FOX News

Getowned1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

those games will still sell fine as long as people want them, the good thing about GTA tho is it could launch any time they want and sell TUNS, I know I'll be in line day one but I love GTA lol.


ThichQuangDuck1764d ago


I am of course not questioning those games ability to sell. Really Rockstar makes amazing games and I am foaming at the mouth to play another Ken Levine Bioshock. I was more attacking the point that this previously was listed without opinion at the beginning so that this website could get hits and attention. Which in itself is misinformation. When I came on N4G the day of this post I was like well it is only one source thus it is probably speculation since it would cover the whole N4G top page. Click the link and it is rumor, however this is not rumors or speculation for gamers who want to dream about game release dates it is news for gamers. By this logic I could post since GTA V is coming October then Half Life 3 must be coming december 26th it is an imagination at work with no fact.

farhad2k81764d ago

Resident Evil and Bioshock realistically have nothing on GTA.

WetN00dle691764d ago

That they dont dont BUT RE6 still looks awesome.

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Relientk771765d ago

This holiday season is gonna rock. We have many huge games that will be coming out btwn Sept - Dec

TrendyGamers1765d ago

And more will likely be added at E3.

Relientk771765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Thats soo true lol I am gonna be spending so much money :(

I REALLY want:

Borderlands 2
Assassins Creed 3
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

and in 2013 I want Ni no Kuni

*edit haha I DO HAVE to throw in Ni no Kuni EVERYTIME lol because I really want lol. Give me RPG lol

TrendyGamers1765d ago

You always have to throw in Ni No Kuni!

I'll probably get a game a week from the end of August to November there's so much coming out.

Relientk771765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Yea I have to budget my money lol

I'm getting Diablo III in a couple weeks. Then after I get that, I'll figure out the rest. It's been 11 years that gets top priority lol

STEWIE_PLAY_PS41765d ago

Yes I'll stand all day and night at ealry oct 5 joke
I can't wait this one finally.

S25801765d ago

ha, there is literally nothing behind this story apart from that date. Why would Take Two allow R* release GTA near Bioshock, their other big game? It makes little financial sense to either company. But hopefully I'm wrong

NYC_Gamer1765d ago

I doubt GTA5 will even release this year

Ravenor1765d ago

Ring a ding ding, MP3 + Bioshock + Borderlands 2 means there isn't really space for GTA. Why not push it to 2013 to prop up the middle of the year like GTAIV? GTA will sell no matter what time of year.

MrBeatdown1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )


Good point, but they could also have other stuff in the works for 2013 as well that we don't know about, like another Red Dead game or Agent.

Plus, I'm sure GTAV will have some pretty big expansions as well. If they released GTAV in the fall, then expansions could be released in the first half of 2013.

Skateboard1765d ago

I'm a sucka for GtA games.