Variety reports Universal is dropping HD DVD exclusivity

Gamespot writes, "Variety says major Toshiba high-def video player supporter will not renew its sole support of the format when it expires in May."

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WilliamRLBaker3931d ago

Nothing to do with the gaming industry, and nothing to do with tech it provides no information on a new tech and no technical information at all.

gEnKiE3931d ago

hey dumba$$...if you want gaming news, dont look up the Industry tab...

harpua3931d ago

who is pointing a gun at your head making you read the article?

Marceles3931d ago

wow what the hell is this...who do i believe??

unlimited3931d ago

They are dropping support for HDDVD but not right now..Everyone know its going to happen sooner or later..Universal will always say they will support it because they are not out of the hddvd camp YET.

RecSpec3931d ago

I don't get the disagrees, this instance has already been proven wrong in another article. Not saying it will never happen, just not right now.

happygamer3931d ago

i can believe this they are just hurting the consumers now by dragging the format war on.

joydestroy3931d ago

they have to. they were stupid before and have to wait until their contract is up now. they have no choice but to continue on for a little longer. HD DVD sales are gonna go way the fuuuck down now.

Hydrollex3931d ago

Mission Failed ! Nice try though

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The story is too old to be commented.