The Top 5 Apps PlayStation Vita Needs To Survive

What" about other apps that the iOS and Android handhelds have like Youtube, WordPress, Pinterest and others? As it stands, the Vita’s app selection is bare-bones at best. Horrid at worst. Because of that, I’ve listed the top apps that should be on the PlayStation Vita." - JTM Games

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NukaCola2214d ago

Survive is a bit of a drama term. But I would like some of these.

YouTube was confirmed at the first showing at E3.

My wife loves Pinterest. I thought that is like a club though. They don't just let you join. You have to subscribe anb wait. They are tough to keep trolling and immaturity off their social networking site.

I would like to see an App Store. It would be awesome to have a fully digital copy of a Game Guide so you can pull it up with ease.

Dante1122214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

It's weird how Skype just kinda get overlooked now by the journalists now (Most asked for feature by gamers and journalists alike. Now that the Vita has it, it's like it doesn't matter to them anymore).

But on topic, the only thing I would really want from that list is Crackle. Youtube is already confirmed to be coming.

metsgaming2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Yea apps arent whats going to make the vita survive or not, its all about the games. with that out of the way Youtube is needed, the most important. crackle eh not so much its not very good but it is welcome. Personally i think Sony is missing out on not having a HOME app. People have their opinions on home but alot of people go on it and it would only make perfect sense to have it on the vita, it makes them money. Plus people are always talking about the "social" aspect, thats what HOME is. Also I would think Home would be more desirable to go on with a handheld then a console.

one2thr2214d ago

A Playstation Home app would be awesome

mcstorm2214d ago

I agree with you the psv dose not need any apps to make it sell it needs games and full games not like some we have see so far. A mnr and uc game that have full mp. Lbp, gt, are two games it needs to start boosting its sales.

I really like the psv but i do feel some games and developers have let it down. For me mnr is a game that should sell well on the console but without mp the life of the game is short the same for uc. Ridge racer needs alot more in it too mp is fun but not enough tracks or cars.

I think the psv is going to follow in the ps3 footsteps and start to pickup sales after the 1st 12 to 18 months of being on the market.

Xof2214d ago

Indeed. And the Vita's game-line up is getting to be absolutely stellar this summer... in Japan.

That's the real reason the 3DS and Vita (and PS3, while we're at it) tend to look so bad early on: we're stuck in a perpetual catch-up cycle for the localization of Japanese titles, often putting us a year or more behind.

If the Vita had the exact same library internationally as it does locally, we'd see a lot fewer of these inane articles dancing around the implication that the Vita is doomed to failure.

Ravenor2214d ago

Am I the only one who finds these "Features" kinda...superfluous? Yeah great I can go on Youtube on my Vita, either with a Wifi connection or you ponied up for the 3G edition, sounds kinda similar to my phone. It's like when Netflix support was announced for the 3DS, who views these things as make or break features when the device is built exclusively for games?


Exactly the reason I'm not so interested in handhelds right now (well, this and the prohibitive price that Sony Brasil setted for Vita). Everyday is another news of some phone app for the handheld A or B... I don't care, I'm not dissing my phone if those things don't have phone calling capabilities, now if they focus more in the games my wallet may take the hit.

I'll probably get a Vita down the road, but right now, I'm more inclined to the 3DS since it have more cool games (no surprise there, it has been out longer), but not enough to make me buy... I still don't like the hardware, I don't care for 3D and the rest it's barelly better than PSP, which I currently own.

jujubee882214d ago

I want a music playing app with lot of colorful and pretty lights for the visualizer.

The VITA's OLED would show that off so good.

jujubee882214d ago

Good one!

Come to think of it, some .m3u file compatibility and RSS/online radio play (like on PSP) also needs to be added. Even though they are more system level things (and not really apps) they still feel like they should be in the VITA.

Hicken2214d ago

If it's not an app geared toward gaming in some way, it's not an app the Vita NEEDS, period. It's a bonus, and some of them can even be pretty big bonuses, but the Vita doesn't NEED them, especially not to "survive."

The same goes for the 3DS: it doesn't NEED apps.

What they both NEED is great game support. And that's it. And so far, they both seem to be getting it.

metsgaming2214d ago

im eager for E3 and gamescom for more vita game announcements. Hopefully thats why they are getting GOW and All stars battle royal out early so they can show everything lol

mr_badhand2214d ago

Good lord....i actually agree with you Hicken.

I don't usually rag on articles but even I find it hard to believe that the Vita needs apps to stay alive.

jeeves862214d ago

An app that lets you record gameplay would be pretty cool. But I'm more for good games over superfluous apps.

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