Trans World Eyes Blu-ray as DVD Savior

Just back from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Jim Litwak, President and COO of Trans World Entertainment Corp.,
showed little hesitation applauding Warner Bros.' decision last week to exclusively support Blu-ray disc.

"Finally, the customer has an understanding of where this business is going to go and will not be confused," Litwak told investors January 10 during an analyst call to discuss holiday sales. "Blu-ray becomes the new DVD format, which is particularly exciting. We like this a lot."

He said Blu-ray would help Trans World grow the DVD category in 2008.

"Frankly, we saw confusion [among HD packaged media] this whole year (in 2007)," Litwak said.

Trans World operates the f.y.e., Suncoast, Wherehouse and Second Spin retail brands.

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WilliamRLBaker3911d ago

Nothing to do with the gaming industry, or tech no technical information is given.
nothing to do with gaming at all.

lockload3911d ago

William the ps3 has a blu ray drive in it so it has everything to do with gaming, just like HDTV's can be used on console so we allow HDTV stories

jcgamer3911d ago

you're just mad because Blu-ray has nothing to do with the

xc7x3911d ago

that will always be around,it all ties together in some form or another. just like TV's,not a game subject but is still a part of gaming one way or another. even this comment section,not about games either but we talk about it,get over it about what is and what isn't.

mighty_douche3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

lol... i live how much difference a couple weeks can make!

so many red faces, on here, and in the industry to!

jorellpogi3911d ago

"Blu-ray becomes the new DVD format, which is particularly exciting. We like this a lot."

I like it too!