There Should Be No God of War IV

"It’s perfectly understandable why Sony would commission another God of War game. Still, I believe after Ascension, asking for more God of War with Kratos might be too heavy a burden for him to carry."

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2127d ago
WetN00dle692127d ago

Agreed! Now they are just milking the franchise.

christheredhead2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

There is nothing wrong with milking a franchise though. As long as the quality and design is still top notch I see nothing wrong. Really, that goes for any franchise. They could make 100 GOW games and I'd still play them as long as they were finely crafted. The number attached to the title is irrelevant.

WetN00dle692127d ago

Yeah but after he killed nearly all of the gods and titans. Whats next for Kratos??

Eamon2126d ago

Athena is seemingly still alive. And she has the blade of Olympus too.

She also seems to want the power to rule the world.

God of War IV: Killing Athena's astral spirit.

DigitalAnalog2126d ago

What about the 3rd prophetic mural regarding the "3 men and a star".

One does not simply just fulfill the first 2 murals (GOW3) and just leave the last one hanging to be forgotten.

_Aarix_2126d ago

Oh NOW YOU GUYS SAY THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH MILKING... Seriously f*** you hypocritical fanboys, you assholes claim halo was milked and some of you said gears was milked WTF. Yet every halo game adds some elements to keep the quality at the peak its always at. Seriously fanboys need to leave the precious hobby of gaming instead of turning into competitive sports or something.

BitbyDeath2126d ago

@Aarix, your rant makes no sense. Do you have proof it was these same people who said this?
Just because one person says something does not mean everyone else is automatically in agreement.

christheredhead2126d ago


I don't specifically know who you are referring to when you say "you guys." I am not the voice of the public, I'm merely stating my own opinion.

A lot of titles are milked. Why would that be an insult? Quality over quantity my friend. When a dev/publisher runs out of ideas, yet continually keeps making the same game over and over, then yah, time to abandon ship and move on. Otherwise, nothing wrong with some numerical number attached to a title, makes no difference. If they can keep adding ideas and new elements then they should keep milking the franchise for all its worth.

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Lucretia2127d ago

just like how times has master chief had to "Finish the fight"?


WetN00dle692127d ago

Exactly just like with Master Chief.

redDevil872127d ago


Halo 1 -3 "Finish the Fight"

Halo 4 - 6 "Finishing the finishing of the fight"

Halo 7 - 9 " Finishing the finishing of the finishing of the fight"

WetN00dle692127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

The same could be said about GOW.

GOW 1-3 Kratos versus Gods of Olympus and Titans
GOW 4-TBA Kratos Versus Fairies, The Easter Bunny and Santa Clause. There is no need for more if GOW3 had an amazing ending!

mafiahajeri2127d ago

Milked? 2 on the ps2 and 2 on the ps3, thats milking? Whats COD and halo then? Dont count the PSP ones. Heck Im expecting a VITA spin off and thats still not milking.

I really want to find out how Kratos came to be basically its so interesting and shouldnt be considered milking...

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BlmThug2127d ago

Disagreed, GoW is a top quality franchise and far from being milked

poopsack2127d ago

Correction, he killed nearly all the "Olympian" gods, there is more, a lot more to tear down.

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smashcrashbash2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

I think there should be no more lots of things but why should Sony Santa Monica and GOW be the one to step up and stop? What about all the other franchises out there dragging their heels and being squeezed dry but still have plans for sequels? Sony Santa Monica must not take the chance that their next game might sell 3 million copies and be well received just because some idiots want them to take a chance on a new character or franchise that could easily be rejected while everyone else craps out the same game every year an cashes in?

What is with the stop the Sony franchises speeches these days? Kratos is a complex character unlike many characters out there and no matter how shallow they are and they still get sequels.So unless people are going to stop those over used characters and games too I say bring on more Kratos. Stop making more Assassins Creed, Halo, Mario, COD, MW and Fable games, THEN we can talk. As long as Kratos's adventures continue to be epic that is fine with me. But if they start making Kid Kratos and GOW racing, THAT is a problem.

NYC_Gamer2127d ago

I believe Kratos got his revenge and part 3 ended very well

labaronx2127d ago

the story can continue on, the death of the greek goods could have created a vaccum than another pantheon of gods decide to fill.... it isnt a foreign idea it's been done before, anyone remember the tv series Hercules with kevin Sorbo (loved it) after the death of zeus, herc encountered gods and demigods from several different religons like that kat gilgamesh, who were under the influence of a new dark god, i believe his name was daehawk, even marvel created differant patheons in their comics remember the odin/zues thor/herc beef...... with good writing we could see some good sequels..... JUST SAYING

n4f2127d ago

wow i just read here that he(kevin sorbo) did hercules voice in gow 3

mafiahajeri2127d ago

When I first heard his voice in the Hercules boss fight I knew its was Kevin Sorbo. Loved that Show.

n4f2126d ago

I know man i kinda miss those and the show with xena

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