Ryan Paton to announce the next series of Metal Gear?

In the latest Kojima Pro podcast, MGS4 executive producer Ryan Paton and guest Mark MacDonald have made a little bet. Ryan says if the Packers win the football he may reveal something early about Metal Gear.

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ChaosKnight3966d ago

Wait... win the football as in the game or the coin toss?

DarkSniper3966d ago

If Green Bay loses the coin toss, Matt Hasselbeck will once again announce to fans worldwide that he wants the ball and he's going to throw an intercep.......score.


HeartlesskizZ3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Snake First DLC will be a Packers' T Shirt...

Douche3966d ago

"Win the football." What in the hell is that supposed to mean? If he is trying to say the Super Bowl, then he can just forget about it. That is the last team in the playoffs anyone would consider to win besides a Green Bay fan. The Colts will win outright. Right after they kick the Patriots' asses in the conference championship (that's of course if the Patriots can hold out against the Jags, lol).

ChaosKnight3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

I doubt it's the super bowl as the bet was the Seahawks or the Packers... not to mention they said the official announcement will be in a couple weeks - most likely GDC.

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PS360WII3966d ago

The game itself. As a Packer fan myself that's fricken sweet that Metal Gear producer seems to be a fan himself. Now not will the victory be as sweet for progression on the playoffs but I'll be able to hear some new MGS4 news because of it as well ^^

MasterChief28293966d ago

You're awesome! I live in Wisconsin and I'm a huge Packer fan. In fact, I'm going to the pep rally tomorrow at lambeau field :D My mom/dad's friends live in Green Bay... hopefully we will win some playoff tickets tomorrow :p I can dream.

sonarus3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

brett favre is too old. He is happy to rewrite the record books when the other greats did it faster and better. He is a great quater back but still isnt peyton manning or even tom brady. colts will win the super bowl for the 2nd time in a row marvin harrison is back and most of their starters too. if they faced new england again brady will fall.

Agreed he is playing with a lot of new guys and IMO tom brady is over rated patriots jst have the perfect team but the colts have limped on with the injuries and with only one established wide receiver on their set and peyton manning still had his 8th 4000 yard season. Brett favre is a good qb but he needs to retire. His record number touch dwns are pissing me off considering he is planning to come back for another seaoson when he should have retired 2-3 yrs ago. if marino decided to keep playing you think favre would have had a record season.

MasterChief28293966d ago

You have to realize that he is succeeding with this very young team. Favre is only 38 years old, he is not 'too old'. He is doing fine out there, and the Packers have done a lot better than I originally though they were going to this year. Tom Brady has like the perfect team, the Packers have all these rookies or people who are still in their early years. I say he can play another year if he wishes.

Relin3966d ago

<-- Born and raised in the land of Green and Gold.

The Pack is Back.

Mainman3966d ago

Ryan Payton (from Kojima productions) took on a bet with Mark McDonald.

If the Packers win, then Ryan Payton looses the bet, and he needs to reveal the MGS information.

If the Packers loose, then Ryan wins the bet, then it is Mark McDonald that needs to give insider information about the games industry.

Payton is rooting for the Seahawks. I, as a hardcore MGS fan, am rooting for the Packers though, because I want that MGS information that Ryan Payton is supposed to reveal if he loses the bet.

Douche3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

I second just about everything you've said. Indianapolis will bring it home a second time round for sure. Manning pulled off 34 TD passes this season with most of the roster matching their injury report (lol, :/). He did that even while focusing on the Colts' running game. Joseph Addai is the sickest back in the league. Who cares if Brady and the Pats broke almost every NFL record that exists (a bit of an exaggeration but they broke a lot...those [email protected]). The Pats just recruited star players. Their just a team of individuals. At least half of Indianapolis is consisted of rookies. And most of our players starting (the linemen especially) are those same rookies. When it comes down to it though, the conference championship between the Colts and Patriots (which is a good possibility) will be won by coaching. And there is just no coach like Tony Dungy. Colts are goin all the way! Twice!

sonarus3966d ago

the colts bench their starters once they are guaranteed a win unline patriots that run the scores. joseph addai cannot be denied between 10yrds of the goal line. reggie wayne has made so many spectacular catches this season anthony gonzalez is gonna be a threat this season he is so much better than the other back up receivers. kenton keith if he isnt fumbling or dropping passes. dallas clark is more of a wide receiver than a tight end now seen him make some crazy passes. the only key player missing now is dwight and its unfortunate he is gone for the season means colts will jst have to blitz more. gary brackett is having his best season with sone crazy interceptions he had one on brady the last time they faced off. however it is one step at a time 1st colts need to take out the chargers. chargers are probably the most over rated team in the afc they have so many weapons but so play so poorly sometimes its rediculous

MattFoley3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Its cool that there are so many Packer fans on N4G. I would have never thought we would have such a good season. I hope we get to play Dallas again in the playoffs with a healthy D. It should be a much closer game. The Seahawks game will be good too. I wonder if he's a Packers or a Favre fan. And to who ever said he's to old above me then why was he able to bring the youngest team in the nfl into the playoffs with a 13-3 record.

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nevelo073966d ago

this would be the sweetest thing ever, oh my god

PS360WII3966d ago

okay that was funny props to you


green bay has the real green . xbot lime green the gay green

Shankle3966d ago

There's something seriously wrong with you...

Iamback3966d ago


There are 3 more projects that they will announce in coming weeks but if he looses bet he will release info about one of them much sooner(next week i guess if he looses of course). So this "annoucment" has nothing to do with MGS4

jackdoe3966d ago

Well, we know about the Snatcher remake, the Metal Gear remake for the PSP, and ZOE 3. I hope it is one of the above.

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