10 Kickstarter Games To Watch

Kickstarter could be the start of something very interesting in gaming. A service which allows individuals to get passion projects funded directly by the people who care about them. Since a few games have had successful Kickstarter campaigns, the service has exploded with developers looking to get their ideas made into games without having to depend on publishers. While crowdfunding could let games that wouldn’t otherwise exist get made, there could be a dark side as well. What happens if a developer’s vision outpaces their grasp, and they can’t deliver the game they promised? Even so, this could be a revolution in the indie games space. Here are ten Kickstarter games, some funded, some not, that are worth watching.

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NewMonday2246d ago

most exited for the game that Kickstarted it all ..

..Double Fine Adventure

Wasteland 2 also exiting.

LoudHawk2246d ago

Same here, plus The Dead Linger. It is an interesting concept.

DeathDefi2245d ago

No Leisure Suit Larry??

CLOUD19832245d ago

I am looking forward to Banner Saga & Grim Dawn those 2 games looks amazing so far!

Mythicninja2245d ago

GRIM DAWN, wasteland 2, BANNER SAGA, Starlight inception, and valdis story