Target offering free 360 skin with GTAIV pre-order

Xbox 360 Fanboy writes:

If you are one who likes to pre-order games and are all about getting Grand Theft Auto IV this Spring you may want to drive on over to your local Target for some free pre-order goods. Available now at every Target retailer are specially decorated $10 GTAIV pre-order cards that secure your game come launch day. But not only do you get the rather l33t pre-order card, but you'll also get a free Xbox 360 GTAIV skin pack to decorate your console when you pick the game up. We aren't sure what the skin looks like, but we have a hunch that it'll be black and feature the letters "IV" boldly inscribed somewhere. Again, we advise this only if you're a video game pre-order maniac who wants GTAIV and loves free stuff. Skins FTW!

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tethered3964d ago

Thats cool and all, but I'd rather play online for free. My 360 looks fine with its off white front.

InYourMom3964d ago

a game on the console where I know it will continue to be supported after it's launched.

New Episodes FTW!

Have fun with the gimped GTA.

WilliamRLBaker3964d ago

cause last i checked it was confirmed 360 was geting 2 exclusive episodes hmmmmmmm we have no concrete information on content for the ps3.

tethered3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

@ InYourMom and WilliamRLBaker

I will borrow my friends copy of the game for the 360, or rent it from Blockbuster, pay and download the new episodes from Live. Play them through.

See, I wont miss out on anything except paying $50.00 a year to Microsoft to play online when I think it should be free.

You guys have to stop being such big fanboys.
I didn't say anything bad about the 360 or the game on the 360.
I said I wont pay to play online.
I don't think thats out of line at all.

I think you both need to grow up some and just try to enjoy gaming.
Its OK for me to like not having to pay to play online and I really am OK with you guys buying it on the 360 and paying to play online. Really, I'm Ok with it.

Paying to play online is where I have the problem.

AzaziL3964d ago

At first I didn't mind paying for Live cause I saw it as a premium service even though I was ticked since I was so used to free online gaming on the PC. However the temptation of knowing there's always going to be competition for almost all games on the system (since there are so many subscribers) that I saw the few bucks a month worth it. This was best noticed when I had CoD4 for both consoles (rented the 360 one and got the ps3 one for xmas) and it was clear, at 4am that the 360 version would never have a problem finding a hardcore old-school free for all match.

However, that's all rarely worth it when the damn service can't even be stable for more then a week. I'm pretty sure the same thing could have easily happened to the PS3 if the numbers were switched and tons of people showed up online right after Christmas. However the difference is your not paying for the service and I'm certain now that Sony probably would've fixed by now.

mikeslemonade3964d ago

PSN won't close the game as long as there's still people playing on the servers and I would hope they close servers for games that people don't play anymore because they save more money that way. Why keep a server open for 10 or less people that play on it. And GTA4 is a big game so I would think in 5 years there would still be people on it playing.

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Jandre023964d ago

Ive seen it baby. Ive seen it.

Hydrollex3964d ago

PS3 = Best single player
360= Best multiplayer

name3964d ago

I'm really pissed at Microsoft. I mean people always say what's the big deal about multiplatform games? You still get to play the game etc.. But sinec the original playstation I've been buying grand theft auto games, and now all of a sudden since its multiplatform I can't even get access to downloadable content? That's BS. You're not gonna force me to buy your console by barricading my experience. You already did that by limiting it with that crappy dvd9. GTA4 isn't gonna be nearly as good as I thought back when GTA3 came out. Whatever -_-

Snukadaman3964d ago

You mean your pissed because a company dipped into their coffers and paid for some exclusive that the owners of the console can enjoy something that the other console cant enjoy...something that will differentiate the experience from the other next gen console?

jaja14343964d ago

A bit over dramatic don't you think?

So you miss out on some bonus material, big deal either pay for the 360 just live without it. No one is, as you said, barricading your experience since your getting the exact same game that the 360 users are getting. They are just getting a little extra, at the coin of MS, some months after the game is released. It just happens to be a perk for this game on 360 system. Nothing else.

Does it suck for those who can't play the extra goodies? Sure, but last time I checked life isn't fair. Sometimes you get your lucky breaks(if you want to call Eps. content that) and sometimes you don't.


va_bank3963d ago

It's not that they paid for additional content, it's that they paid for others NOT to have it. While it's perfectly acceptable business conduct, it still rightfully pisses off the PS3 owners.

Bill Gates3964d ago


Yeah like Rockstar would ever give Sony the inferior version of the franchise that put Rock* on the map, stupid BABOON...AAHAHHAHA

Try thinking the next time you post ok? You say:"Sir, yes Sir!"


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